Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Favorite Randomness (Abbreviated!)

Favorite kid quote of the week- "I not bad, I just wyy-uld"

Favorite new obsession- These candles (Especially "High Maintenance"!!) Oh my WORD!! Do your senses and favor and get one please.

Favorite soundtrack of all time - Yeah, THAT would be This

Favorite color for decorating- yummy chocolate/espresso brown- especially since our bedroom and bathroom just got makeovers in shades of this color mixed with gold- ummm, ummm, UMMMM

Favorite nail polish (current)- "Have you seen my Limo?*"- by OPI* of course! I am loving the aubergine tones now...

Favorite new store- Plantation* Interiors- FabuLOUS!

Favorite feeling- 2 chubby little hands on either side of my face and a wet sloppy kiss planted firmly in the middle.

Favorite indulgence- Bath-so-hot-I'm-about-to-pass-smooth-out (and the obligatory bubbles, of course) with above mentioned candles and soundtrack--- bliss....!!

Favorite new restaurant- Bonefish*Grill- Yumm-eeee.

Okay, now...What about yours???

Happy Wednesday and

Much Love,