Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catching up...

Hello to blogland! It's been awhile, but things have been SUPER busy (and fun!) around here. Andrew started kindergarten (please, someone, ANYONE, tell me how I can have a child old enough for kindergarten!!)

Anna Kate is my little constant shadow every day... I'm trying to do lots with her now especially with the baby coming soon. It has been so much fun! She has started dance class, and is just about one of the sassiest little ballerinas you will ever meet.

We are in the midst of fall basesball, AWANAS, playdates, AND I am taking a big (ger)load than anticipated in the good ol' PTA this semster, but life is wonderful and beautiful and good and full.

..Speaking of the baby... We are having another GIRL! I am just estatic about it, and so excited that AK will have a sister! I know Andrew will do a great job of being big brother to 2 little girls. He is already taking the responsibility very seriously indeed! Little Abigail (yes, that is going to be her first name for sure... middle name?? Still a source of debate) will make her arrival on December 8th. The C-section is scheduled, OR booked, and doctor reserved! I am at 27 1/2 weeks now, and am still feeling pretty good! I definitely have not slowed down yet, but am sure I will start "feeling" it more in the days and weeks to come!

Hopefully soon, I'll get busy on getting this template fixed (on my "to do" list for the next 2 weeks), and things will look a little more "normal" around here... looks a little icky at the moment!

For now, I am celebrating the arrival of fall, cooler days (!!!), my new iced pumpkin candle, and the many undeserving blessings God bestows upon us everyday.

His mercies truly are new every morning.