Friday, January 30, 2009

Home again, home again!

Our sweet baby came home from the hospital (once again!) this week. She is doing much, much better! We are still having a few issues here and there, but she is so much improved. Hopefully we are on the permanent road to recovery this time! Thank you so MUCH for your prayers. God bless you for them!
Having our 3rd little one has been such a blessing... but has thrown me for a LOOP in the scheduling department! Wow. Our home was running like a well-oiled machine before sweet Abigail came along, but now?? We can't seem to get on a schedule! For someone who thrives on schedule and routines, this is more than a little frustrating! Hopefully that will improve soon (probably when she is sleeping more!) but for now I am just trying to enjoy them! I think I may even throw caution to the wind this afternoon and read the pile of books they've been asking me to..... Cleaning cabinets can wait, right?? I hope my desires for a well-run, clean, orderly home don't interfere with spending lots of time just enjoying and playing with them! Such a hard balance to strike!!
They are growing so fast.... wish I could just "freeze frame" them at the ages they are now. *Sigh*. The age old wish of all moms...
Off to enjoy!
Happy Friday and Much Love!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank you~~

Baby Abigail actually had a better day today.... AND we got a "diagnosis" as to what is wrong with her! Apparently, she developed an ileus (paralyzed section of the bowel) after the viral illness. It is causing the vomiting, gas, diarrhea, etc. that she is experiencing. Fortunately, her pediatrician thinks that it will heal itself, but will just take a little time. We will have to be in the hospital with her so that she can receive IV support until she is able to be adequately hydrated from the bottle alone. Her viral counts were still high today, and she does not feel so great..... very fussy..... just gives mommy and daddy and chance to snuggle her a little more, though!! I think the stress of all this has caused some postpartum issues that I was having (that we THOUGHT were resolved!) begin to resurface as well. Hopefully they will go away soon, too!
You are all just precious to me to remember our family in your prayers. You will never know how much that means! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please pray that we can come home SOON!
Much Love,

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am not sure if anyone still reads this silly blog anymore..... (I am on the waiting list for a redesign, though!!... can't WAIT).... I have felt like blogging again lately!

Right now, though, I would like to ask for prayers for our baby girl, Abigail. She was doing so well after being released from the NICU in November!! She had gained 6 pounds, and was beginning to sleep at night, etc.!! Last week, she contracted what we think (thought??) was a stomach virus. She became very dehydrated and was admitted to the hospital. She seemed to get better and we were released last night. Today, she relapsed again, and we were readmitted to the pediatric unit. She is very dehydrated again, and is back on IV, Pedialyte, etc. Her Doctor thinks now something else may be involved such as an obstruction, or some other GI problem. She is so tiny and it is SOOOOOO hard to see her in the hospital bed and not know what is wrong with her... and to feel helpless to do anything about it!! Please pray for her to get better. I want to bring her home soon!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!