Monday, December 11, 2006

Little boy lost

I first saw them as I was sitting in my vehicle in the parking lot. Father and son walking toward their car. The tiny boy was about the age of mine, and was beautiful with his sweet light colored curls and impish smile. His father stared blankly ahead. The careworn face, dishelved hair and dirty clothes suggested it had been days at best since he had seen the clean end of a washcloth. They walked closer and approached an old, beat up car parked close to mine. The inside was littered with trash, cigarette butts, and clothing. The door was opened and the little boy was carelessly tossed inside along with the purchases made from the store. No child restraint... not even an attempt at a seatbelt. The man paused outside the vehicle for a moment, and the tiny boy stuck his head out of the window to say something... perhaps to ask a question? Profanity and anger spewed forth from the father's mouth- met with a look of terror on the face of the child. His sweet, dirty little face crumpled into tears as his father looked away and lit up a cigarette. I tried to smile a reassuring smile at him through the glass, but he never saw me. Every fiber in my being wanted to throw open that door and enfold that tiny creature into my arms and murmur sweet words as I held him close. The very thing which I, of course, could not do. As they sped away, I prayed for him. Prayed that somehow, someway, this little boy would find Jesus. That against all odds, he would know that he is loved. That someone cares for him more than anything. I prayed that he would find a light in his world, and that someone would point him to THE way. I thought of my own sweet 3 year old boy. I thought of how he is tucked in at night with kisses and stories and prayers. I thought of how he hears "I love you" many times each day. I thought of how he has a mommy and daddy that love him more than anything. I thought of how he has someone that cares about his safety and welfare. I thought all of these things and wiped more than a few tears from my eyes.
I don't know why I witnessed that scene today. I know it has bothered me more than a little. I know it has made me think of all of the sweet innocent children in our world that suffer every day, right at our own doorsteps. I don't know why it happens. I don't have the answers. But I do know that there will be a little boy, an older boy, and young man and then a grown man that I will pray for every night when I look at my son.. and I will pray that he finds the truth.
Happy Monday and
Much Love,


Big Mama said...

Jen that breaks my heart. You're so right about the children that are hurting right in front of our eyes. It's hard to think about in light of how much our children are loved.

Michelle said...

Sadly I am reminded of this very thing each and every time I go to church. We have several little van riders who come from same type of home. It just breaks your heart to know some of the things that these children go through each and every day. I will be praying of this little one as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm also very much bothered by scenes like this. I feel helpless...and I will think about it for days. There is so much evil in the world.

It always makes me hold my little ones a little closer.


Anonymous said...

It is so hard to see things like that, breaks my heart. It is so good to be praying for this little boy.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad and, unfortunately, something I see FAR too often. Parents are given such a blessing from the Lord in the form of a child and then they go and abuse them. How this saddens me!!!

Thank you for sharing your heart!!!

Mrs. U

cmhl said...

ohhhh, how heartbreaking. poor little guy. It breaks my heart that some little ones don't have a loving home, but praying is the best thing you can do.

Sarah (Mrs Blythe) said...

That poor little boy, but Jesus will have heard your heartfelt prayers and that little boy will be blessed and blessed because of you! Hugs.

Becky said...


I just loved this post, thank you so much. I would love to share it on my own blog...but, could you do me a favor and finagle your settings so that there's an option on each post that says "Links to this post"? That way I can just copy and paste and share some of your posts on my blogs and with friends. I truly enjoy your writing and this post was my favorite thus far.

Again, thanks for sharing this. My heart belongs to the lost and neglected children of this world -- it's the soft spot that Jesus gave me and this story hit its target in me!

Mississippi Girl said...

Hi Becky!
I'll try to do that later today- Hopefully, I can figure it out!! Thanks for your sweet comment!

Mrs.B said...

I tried to comment yesterday but for some reason Blogger wouldn't let me.

I just wanted to say that this post broke my heart.....

Lela said...

Even when we feel helpless, we can still pray. And maybe that is why you saw that little one would get a prayer. You've just reminded me of how powerful our prayers can be. Your prayer may just change the course of his life.

Kim said...

Oh, my heart aches.

I know that you saw that today because that little boy needed prayers.

And now because you told us your story he'll get many, many prayers.

God Bless.

Kim said...
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Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Thank you for reminding me in the midst of my secure little world, to not forget about all the suffering that goes on all around us daily. I will be praying!

Julie said...

I will be praying of this little one as well. '
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