Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Holiday princess....

The Holiday princess (or so her little shirt says) is a bit under the weather, and had to pay a visit to the pediatrician today. Her temperment in the doctor's office matches her hair- WILD. So much so that when she even catches a glimpse of Dr. M., she begins the shrieking..... and shrieking.... and.. well, you get the picture. Thanks to a "lolli", and the passage of a little time, she was right back to her sunny little self. She even took her breathing treatment without so much as a wimper. I HAD to get photographic evidence if only to convince Dr. M. next time we are in the office that she does have other volumes besides, uhhh, loud and LOUDER!!

This afternoon has been a hoot. I embarked upon the annual sugar-cookie-making-from scratch-with-two-little-ones-am-I-losing-my-mind extravaganza with great gusto. Andrew and Anna Kate began with great enthusiam (key word here is began) but soon abandoned me for other loftier pursuits- namely- playing "doctor". I looked over and found this scene in the dining room.

Narration was as follows:
Anna Kate: "Hush you mouf bubbie, no more scweeming" (mind you, Andrew was being quiet as the proverbial mouse)
Andrew: "Dr. Anna my tum-tum hurts"
AKate: "Okay, bubbie, it be awight- here is you edda-sin" (medicine) "Take it wike a fweet boy"
Akate: "Okay, get up- you done" "I SAID get up" "WIIIIGGHHHT NOW"
Ahhhhh- such compassion- let's just hope she's not YOUR doctor in 25 or so years.

Happy Tuesday and Much Love,


Katie said...

Hehe! Too stinkin' cute! I love that bedside manner. ("I SAID...") Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Kim said...

Awww...such fun memories!

I can relate about making cookies with little ones...It's fun and I really want to do it...but I do feel kinda crazy when it is over...and exhausted...plus, the messy kitchen...oh well, these days pass much too quickly to not enjoy and overlook the mess.

Mrs.B said...

Too cute! I'm glad to see you're back to posting again, I missed you! (o:


Ginny said...

Anna Kate can be my doctor any time! And way to go Andrew for being such a "patient" patient!

Zach Green said...

I can't believe shes talking that much.

I must be getting old.


Anonymous said...

The Holiday princess (or so her little shirt says) is a bit under the weather

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