Monday, June 02, 2008

Up and Down and In Between

Up- Keeping most of my food down yesterday, and entering my 2nd trimester.
Down- My supper that did not stay where it was supposed to tonight, and charting a 12 lb. weight loss at my doctor's visit on Thursday. Yikes.
In between- The state of my wardrobe. Most all of my regular clothes are too tight (all in the waist, mind you!) despite the weight loss. I guess our little one is (thankfully) growing up a storm anyway. I finally got down the maternity clothes from the attic... and then decided to go on a shopping trip for some new things- lots of sundresses (all COTTON in this heat and humidity!) and flip flops seem to on the menu for the summer.

Happy Monday and Much Love,


Betsy said...

You poor thing. I am just so sorry to hear about how sick you've been!! Hopefully things will get better soon. It can only go up from here, right?

Katie said...

Hi, Jennifer! I'm so so sorry to hear you've been that sick! And especially losing 12 pounds! Bless your heart! I'll be saying some prayers for you. Take care of yourself! :o)

Father's Grace Ministries said...

Sorry to hear you are still so sick. I'm about the same distance along as you and am still having the odd sick day- mainly dry retching-yuk!,but I'm grateful I'm not as bad as previous times.

I've also started digging out the maternity clothes early this time.My normal clothes still "fit" OK, but I seem more uncomfortable this time round.

I feel for you in the summer heat.It's winter here in Australia, so I'll get the summer heat at the other end of my pregnancy.

Paula said...

Oh bless your heart.
Put those feet up.
Stay indoors much as possible.
Drink lots of fresh lemonade or sweet tea.

Praise that baby is still growing.

Kelly said...

Thank goodness that most clothes these days could double for maternity - especially dresses!
I hope you continue to feel better.

Kim said...

I am so sorry! I was the same way...with all 4 of mine I was so sick!! It was very difficult with me homeschooling and just trying to function...I would gag everytime I walked into the kitchen...I finally had to take Zofran(minimum dose) and that did wonders!

I'm glad the baby is doing fine. The weight loss might be a reason to take something...I know with me, I threw up one day 12 times in 3 hours and I had to do something or I would end up in the hospital!

Praying for you this morning!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jennifer! I'm so so sorry to hear you've been that sick!

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