Monday, July 20, 2009

A day

Unseasonably cool weather for the day. Blue skies. No cloud in sight. The baby and me on the swing in the shade... her laughing at me laughing at her (for no reason at all). Andrew counting peas on the back porch "We have enough for supper for 2 nights, Mama!". Anna .... in and out of the back screen door wanting a snack (as usual). Toys in the hallway. An unfinished puzzle in the middle of the floor. Towels to be folded (living on my bedroom floor for the moment). Monday- CLEAN SHEET DAY! Daddy coming home later than usual tonight... can't wait to give him a kiss. Unexpected visitors as I am on my way out the door to the grocery. Crazy, thrilling, wonderful, beautiful,happy, imperfect, messy life. I am blessed.
Much Love,


Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful life! Good to hear from you again! I know you've been so busy!! God's blessings to you!


Father's Grace Ministries said...

Lovely to hear from you again! You are truly blessed! Your little Abigail must be a month or so older than our little twin boys. Life gets busier but God is ALWAYS good!

Dawn said...

Hey! You're back!!!
So good to see "Mississippi Girl" pop up on my bloglines....

Christy said...

so good to hear from you and your pics of your baby girl, priceless. We are finally getting some cooler temps too! We are going to be coming thru MS in the next few months!!! What part are you in?

Katie said...

Happy to hear from you and that all is well!

susana said...

Its very wonderful & lovely..

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Jenifer said...

She is very very beautiful &looking very nice.

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