Friday, March 11, 2011


A long time has passed!! A new season in life, a new job (for me!) a beautiful new house with lots more room and children that are growing, growing- so much so that I can scarcely believe it! Life is fun with a cute toddler in the house (with all of her wacky sayings). I had forgotten, I suppose, how much fun toddlers were. The older 2- their toddlerhood seems like 1 big united blur- together. They were so close in age- in cribs together, in diapers together- doing those, funny crazy, preschool, toddler-y things together, that I equate the 2 as the same somehow. Not with our Abby-girl, though. It has been a little while now since sturdy little toddler legs and feet (with rolls of baby fat still lingering) have traipsed their way through our lives. And- It IS fun- So much fun.

"To God be the Glory, great things he hath done". I am thankful- and content.


Father's Grace Ministries said...

What a lovely surprise to see an up date on you and your family in my google reader today!
Children do grow up too fast- ours are now 9, 7 and 2 yr old twins. Are you able to post a few pics?

Anonymous said...

How lovely to stop by and see an update on your sweet family. Hope you can blog a little more often, I sure do miss your posts. (o:

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