Tuesday, February 26, 2008


.... IS that even a word?? Even if it doesn't grace the pages of Webster, it is perfect in describing how our little weekend getaway went! After a quick drop off of the kiddos at Daddy and Mama's we were OFF! Several stops, a cappuccino and lots of road trip music later, we arrived in the Delta.
Here to be exact.

We checked into our fab-u-lous digs, got mugs of real hot chocolate (seriously, real melted chocolate); I dove deep into the amazing linens, while Andy went to "explore"- (Such a MAN thing, don't you think?) I stayed contented there until time to cross the street for our 1 hour massages. Bliss. BLISS, I tell you. After I lifted my wet noodle of a body off of the table and sat in the steam room, I forced myself to get dressed and met A. to go back across the street to prep for dinner.

Dinner=divine. Dining at a former speakeasy with curtained booths and a buzzer to summon the waitress was a different experience to say the least! After a feast on Mississippi farm raised catfish (with the special sauce) and steaks, it was time to summon the shuttle back to our quarters. While we were gone, a good fairy had turned down the beds, and even left chocolate on our pillows to ensure sweet dreams!

Can I just tell you how amazing (did I mention wonderful) it felt to sleep in until AFTER 9 O'clock in the morning. Sure, I did crack my eyes at 7, but it was short-lived. My adventures in dreamland lasted 2 more good long hours. Showers and a lazy pace of getting ready followed. Then came the Southern breakfast buffet by the fireplace. Eggs, cheese grits (my FAV) accompanied by all manners of pork, fruits, frittatas, cereal, muffins, and juices were there for the eating. O.my.WORD. (!!!!)

After all the exertion of morning (HA!) I decided I needed a little rest, and perched myself on the bed with a book and my mandatory second cup of coffee. Andy.... wellll he went to the gym (Just HAS to make a girl feel bad!)

Checking out was followed by perusing small shops, a loooonnngg stroll through a bookstore (with a fabulous selection of southern lit- a favorite of mine!), antiques, jewelry and a children's boutique, and then time to head back to reality.... ALREADY? By this time the afternoon was marching on toward evening, and I began to feel just a wee ( I said a wee) bit sorry for my parents, and began to miss my littles (a bit more than a wee), and we headed south.

More gas, more diet cokes, more road trip music, and a quick stop at my sister's house in the capital city, and we arrived back in home territory, though it was way after dark!

After kisses and numerous hugs and squeals, we discerned that Anna Kate was on hairstyle #452 for the day, (her current phase) and that Andrew had been "hunting bears" with Papa in the woods (numerous times)! All had roasted marshmallows, gotten new toys, and been thoroughly and absolutely spoiled. And to top it all off, Mama had a nice, hot, homecooked meal waiting.... perfect ending, don't you think?

I can't WAIT to go back... and I'm thinking SOON!


Kelly said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip!!!! I'm glad ya'll got to get away!
Catfish AND steak - that's what I'm talking about!

Mrs.B said...

I'm so glad you had a good time, it sounds delightfully-decadent. (o:

It's wonderful to see you back in Blogland again, you were sorely missed. (o:


Tammy said...

First of all, it was so fun to see your reply at my place today! :)

And wow...your night away with your hubby sounds dreamy! In fact, more than dreamy! I am so happy for you guys that you got to do this. It's so important to try to get away as a couple once in awhile, even with young children.
But a one hour massage...OK, just a tad bit jealous here! LOL


Mrs. C said...

How fabulous that you were able to get away from it all--even for just 24 hours. :)

Ginny said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad y'all had some couple time. Mrs. B is right - it sounds delightfully decadent!

Michelle said...

Jennifer, oh your trip sounds wonderful! I'm so glad that y'all had a fun time! Glad to see ya back too!

Emily (Unfurling Flower) said...

Wowee, sounds like you had a fantastic time, Jennifer! I am so pleased for you! Love the title of the post as well, it must be a word ;)

Michelle said...

Hi Jennifer,
I've only being doing the cvs thing for a little over a month. It was kinda hard at first to get the hang of it but it is getting a little easier. Crystal (Biblical Womanhood) has a ton of tips on her Money Savings Mom blog. I check over there a couple times a week too. Oh, and she has a CVS 101 link on her sidebar.
I hope you and the little ones are having a great day!

Katie said...

Oooohh...that sounded so lovely! I just took a mini-vaca in my head as I read it. Sleeping in till 9...ohhhh! Thanks for telling us all about it, Jennifer...I'm glad you and your husband had such a nice time! :o)

Anonymous said...

It sounds just wonderful! To have that special time away with your hubby is lovely and so special.


Sarah x

Paulla said...

Hi ~ I stumbled upon your blog a few months back and I like seeing what's going on in the sunny south.

Here in Maine, we sometimes need a reminder at this time of the year - especially today, in the middle of a big snowstorm. Your recent get-away sounds heavenly. Enjoy your munchkins - mine are all teens now - the little years go by so quickly. :)

Have a good weekend ~

Anonymous said...

Checking out was followed by perusing small shops,

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