Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Wish....

A while back, PandaMom thought it might be fun if I played along with the little "I Wish" game. I have finally had time to actually follow through! So, without further adieu.... my "I wish" list

-I wish my children weren't growing up so fast

-I wish I had paid attention and tried to learn tatting and how to make those beautiful handkerchiefs from my great aunt G. before she died

-I wish I had a laundry fairy

-I wish I didn't automatically assume "worst case scenario"

-I wish I didn't worry so much

-I wish I had more scripture memorized

-I wish (and hope and pray) my children would grow up to walk in the TRUTH and in the light

-I wish I didn't have post-pregnancy stretch marks

-I wish for my children to have as wonderful a childhood as I did

-I wish people weren't so mean

-I wish some of my closest friends lived closer

-I wish my eyelashes were as long as my daughter's

-I wish our nation would turn to God

-I wish to be more bold in sharing my faith

-I wish I could be disciplined enough to wake up at 5 a.m. everyday

-I wish I were more disciplined about going to bed before midnight!! (Might help with above!)

-I wish I could visit New England every fall

-I wish I could go on a mission trip this year - even something really small

-I wish I didn't struggle with contentment- not just materially, but with myself, circumstances, family, etc.

-I wish I had a vegetable garden

-I wish I didn't crave chocolate and have a sweet tooth!

-I wish I were more patient with those who don't share the same viewpoint as I do

-I wish I had more time to read

-I wish I could bottle up the smell of my littles after their baths and save it forever

-I wish I had a photographic memory

-I wish I didn't cry so easily

-I wish I understood how some men can leave their families

-I wish I had a deep, wrap-around front porch

-I wish people didn't automatically have misconceptions about Southerners, Mississippians, etc. when they really don't have a clue that most of us really are educated, well-read and actually wear shoes.... we just speak a little slower than everyone else.

-I wish my children will be as fascinated by history and geneaology as I am

-I wish I could live in a past era for just one week.

-I wish people would use the word "perhaps" more- (it's one of my favorites)

-I wish people would take more pride in their appearance

-I wish our dog wouldn't dig holes in our grass and flowerbeds

-I wish getting a tan wasn't bad for you

-I wish I hadn't spent so much time in tanning beds when I was younger

-I wish everyone could experience the joy of knowing Christ

-I wish people really prayed for each other more, instead of just saying they are going to

-I wish I could meet so many of you in person and give you a big hug

What do you wish?? If you do a "wish list" leave me a comment and let me know! I'd love to read

Happy Thursday and Much Love,



Panda-Mom said...

This was "perhaps" my best read of the day! ; )

Anonymous said...

Great list! What fun.


Zach Green said...

I did one. Haha, It's a little shorter than yours.

I'll be there the 17-23 of march, hope to see y'all!


Liberty said...

I love your wish list! I wish most of the same things! :)

Katie said...

Such a cute post! I may have to make my own "I wish.." list. As I was reading your's, I noticed I have many similar wishes (i.e. the tan one, the baby smell one, the early to bed, early to rise one, and the faith ones). Have a good day!

Erin said...

I love the one about the assumtions people make about southern people.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a vegetable garden

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