Sunday, September 10, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

I was tagged by Big Mama to do this hilarious little “kid” meme--- and I only did it for Andrew (age 3 as of 2 weeks ago!) since Anna Kate, well, you know, since she doesn’t really, umm, TALK much yet. So, without further adieu, here it is…

1. Something I do well:“Play with my swords and throw dirt and get re-wy, re-wy dirty” (mommy says an amen to that!)
2. Something I'd like to improve on: “Well, I don’t re-wy know about that”
3. Favorite Food: “‘Ronis (macaroni) and my Happy Meal”
4. Three words that best describe you: “Si-wi (Silly) and Happy”
5. My happiest moment: “Well, when I got my baby sister and when my Thomas got his Annie and Clarabel”
6. The most important thing in my life right now: “My sissy and My mama and daddy… and my dog Buddy, and my Papa and Marmee and A-wi and John-John, and my Weep-frawg (Leap Frog)”
7. Then to the Moms, were you surprised by any of the answers: No- but I think I am surprised that I wasn’t surprised. Some craziest/silliest things can come out of his mouth sometimes!!!

I tag whoever wants to do this funny little meme for their lil' one!
Happy Sunday and
Much Love,


Zach said...

Aww. =]
Hope y'all are doing well. Just thought I'd drop by and say hi.

Susan P. said...

I "re-ly" "re-ly" liked this post:) It was precious!

Susan P. said...

oops, I meant "re-wy"!! I had to look in the toddler dictionary:)

Christine said...

So cute! My oldest, who's now 6, called macaroni "ronis" when he was little, too and we still refer to pasta night as having "ronis". Thanks for the smile. I think I'll do this one today!