Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hope everyone is having a blessed week!
As for us? I am currently drowning in responsiblities and various other "happenings" around here with barely a spare minute!
I had a church gathering tonight, another tomorrow night, missions meeting this morning, a party at our house last night, out of town company this past weekend, then the kids and I were out of town Sun. until Mon. morning. I even had a "mama's night out" consisting of dinner and a movie with some people very near and dear to my heart on Fri. night (There was even a babysitter involved- Hallelujah!) I will be trying to catch my breath before the madness begins again next week in the form of more company here at our house for a couple of nights and 2 (unavoidable) afternoon obligations.
This is an unusually busy time for us, and truthfully I don't like it! I don't feel like I am fulfilling my responsibilities as a homemaker when I am never, ummm, home? It makes me anxious, tired and overwhelmed!! I know that after the next 2 weeks things will calm down though. So I can accept that "this too shall pass", and we shall be back into our happy, predictible little routine that I so love. I can't wait!
So, for now, I'll leave you with some photos of the antics from the our home this past week. My little "Miss Shortcake" is obsessed with her new "glasses", and my little man is doing what he loves to do... which would be to make mommy laugh! Definitely a great medicine these days!

Happy Wednesday and
Much Love,


Karen said...

Hi Jennifer,
We're just coming out of a season of doing too much, some of it avoidable, and some, not so much.
Hope it calms down a bit for you soon.
The pictures are precious, as always!

Michelle said...

Jennifer ~ I can not stand to have a busy schedule either! It turns the house upside down ~ I am sure this is making time go much faster for you though and it will not be too much longer before Andy comes home!

The kids are so cute! I love her little glasses!

Candy said...

Cute pictures :)

~ Candy

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures. I hope that you soon get some respite and well earned rest! Hugs.

Kim said...

Wow--you have been busy! I've had a few days like that recently,too! Keep up the wonderful job of mommying those sweet babies! That is the most important thing you can do!


NatchezOgden said...

Hi Jenn:
I never known how you have even been able to take time to write on your blog anyway.

I have been with MaryO in Saluda. Aidan is so cute. I hope to see your sweethearts one of these days. Maybe on yuor next trip to Saluda.I love their pictures of them and have added them to my wallpaper screen.

Our love and prayers are with you and kids, plus your true hero, Andy, ALWAYS!!!

Aunt Anita & Bo

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is having a blessed week!

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