Monday, February 05, 2007

Now THAT'S entertainment!

Apparently, Andy has become quite the "dart thrower" while overseas. You know the scenario.... when a bunch of guys are hanging out in an office, and don't have anything else to do (you know like FLY MISSIONS!!) they all hang out and throw darts. You KNOW that I am just kidding!! Actually Andy has been so busy lately that he barely has time to talk/email... which makes me think that perhaps this was just a "stress relief" break, right honey??

That being said, here is MY man in action. Pretty good form, don't you think??
Happy Monday and
Much Love,
*** Please remember our little Anna Kate in your prayers today if you are so inclined. She fell in the bathroom last night and hurt her mouth badly on the tile floor in their bathroom. We had to visit the pediatric dentist today, and are praying that she doesn't lose one of her wee little bottom teeth- it is hanging on by a thread! Thanks so much....


Alicia said...

Definitely will be praying for Anna Kate! Guess it's a popsicle day.

Kim said...

Hi! Evie lost her front tooth just a few weeks ago! She fell and hit the wooden leg on an ottoman. I was devastated! Mike may cosmetically put it back,so that she looks the same,but it will be hard to do on a four year old....I'm kinda getting used to it,but we have been so sad. She is just 4 and it will be a long while before it grows back!

I will pray for Anna Kate!


Michelle said...

We still keep Andy in our prayers! So glad that everything is going well! We does he get to come home?

Poor Baby girl! We will remember her as well!

Anonymous said...

that should say WHEN

Karen said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that. I used to cringe everytime ours took a tumble. I will pray.
You and Andy are still in my prayers.

Sarah said...

Aww poor Anna Kate, I'll keep her in my prayers too.

Your hubby looks great, glad he's getting some well deserved relaxing time. I do remember him in my prayers and you too.


Laurel Wreath said...

Oh Jennifer I have been there with teeth, falling down, pediatric dentist, etc... I hope she is ok.

Great pic =)

Trista said...

It's good to know that while there they can still find time to relax and unwind. Important to their mental stability I think!
We will be praying for all of you!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

We'll be praying for Anna Kate.

Mrs. Monise said...

Hi Jennifer,

I will pray for Anna Kate and Andy as always my children and I say prayers for everyone in the world (at least we try to everyday).

My now 6 year old had took a tumble at the age of 2 down the basement stairs (I thought I was going to faint) the blood, oh the blood I thought her tooth came through her bottom lip! that's how it looked with all the blood, it turned out that her two bottom teeth had been pushed forward and yes right there in the ER the doctor had to take them out and for 4 years she has been missing her two bottom teeth.

I don't think she mind it much, because she was so happy to show everyone she lost two teeth because she fell down the stairs. I just thanked God that she only lost her two teeth and not her life or anything else.

Tammy said...

Poor Anna Kate! I just said a prayer...we had to have our littlest put under twice to repair her cavity problems, and one time she hit her tooth that had a cap on it and it came off...

Andy is going to be a dart pro by the time he comes home! :)

I've missed your friendly face at my place lately...not that you've been busy or anything! *wink*

BrittLeigh said...

Aw, praying for Anna Kate (such a cute name, by the way ;))! And it was fun to see your husband "in action" ;). Blessings to you!!

Julie said...

Apparently, Andy has become quite the "dart thrower" while overseas.

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