Sunday, October 15, 2006

Peach State

After a quick jaunt (actually a 6 hr. road trip!!) up the road to the peach state (GA in case you didn't know), we are finally home again! We took in restaurants, a movie, local landmarks and even a state fair. A great time. And may I please suggest that you go see the movie Facing the Giants... Soon. As in now. As in get a babysitter to watch your littles or even take them (my 3 yr. old sat through the entire thing without so much as a peep). It will inspire you, give you a "faith-lift" and even make you cry. I am so thankful for Christians willing to take a stand for their beliefs and make a movie like this.... especially in times like these.
Happy Monday and
Much Love,


Anonymous said...

I want to see that movie so very much but it is not playing in my state at all!! In fact in is not playing within a 5 hour drive from us :(.

I am so glad that you had such a great time and lovely visit!

~Mrs. J.

Lindsey @ enjoythejourney said...

I really want to see that movie! Everyone I know who has seen it says it is wonderful.

Glad you had a good weekend!

Becky said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!!

I've heard such good things about that movie! Except it's not airing in any of our theatre's around here. :( Maybe a good one to rent and watch with my 10 & 4 year old??

Mrs Blythe said...

What a cute picture!! And I have just read another great review of the movie over at Donna's ( I hope we get it in England! :o)

Susan P. said...

What a darling picture of a Mama and her "little man!" Glad you had a wonderful trip. I plan on going to see the movie this weekend and I can't wait:)

Paula said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I really enjoy fairs. Especially all the food.

I haven't been to the movies in FOREVER! I will have to check that out.

Kate said...

oh man were you near atlanta?! i am a half hour north - i'll be so sad if i missed a chance to meet you in person! glad you had fun! i can't wait to see that movie!