Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Who? Me???

Gracious Sallie at A Gracious Home kindly interviewed me for her blog, and posted it today.
Check it out !

Happy Wednesday and Much Love,


Father's Grace Ministries said...

I really enjoyed your interview, Jennifer, and learning a bit more about "The South".

I hail from sunny Queensland, Australia, and have long had a fascination with films set in the South, Southern Manners and formality, and yes, the children's smocks!

I agree that heritage is very important. Some of my relatives founded 2 towns in Queensland, and I love hearing the stories of the voyage to Australia, the settlers homesteads and how they built the first Churches and schools. We take our 2 children to all the reunions and are familiarizing them with all the stories. I'm from german and English descent.
God bless

Tammy said...

Hi Jennifer! I just wanted to drop by for a quick hello since it's been awhile. But I ended up going over and reading the interview, and it was so fun and interesting!
I have always appreciated aspects of the south...and I've always wished I had a southern accent! :)

I also read the post below...thank you for being real here, because I know I could relate! I have recently lost several important things- misplaced my car keys for a solid two days this week!- and after praying and searching, I found them tonight!
Sometimes, I think we have more on our plate and perhaps more stress than we even realize...and it comes out in forgetfulness or losing things!

Hope it gets better for both of us from now on...have a great rest of the week!


Laura said...

I enjoyed your interview and learned a little about the state my daddy was born in. He moved to Texas early in his childhood, which is where I was raised. Though we are steeped in tradition, it doesn't rival the deep south. Our heritage and history is so much more linked to the Spanish.

All that to say, I have always been intrigued by the heritage of my daddy's family. Now that I live in Arkansas, I think a little road trip just might be in order. We were discussing some ideas for spring break and I think I need to do a little research for a possible trip.

If it makes you feel any better, people have warped ideas of what Texans are too. We do not all wear cowboy boots, hats, and raise cattle. At least we don't always wear our boots out in public! :-)

Lena said...

I really enjoyed that! Being from TN, I know what it feels like to get stereotyped all the time...I once went to D.C. for a conference, and everyone kept asking me if we have indoor plumbing!!! I'm so proud to be from the South, and I love my heritage! Thanks for reminding me of that!

Melanie said...

I am so glad Sallie interviewed you! I would probably not have stumbled accross your blog otherwise.
I read with utter fascination about your home. It is like the stuff of movies and very foreign to me on many levels; thanks for sharing a little of your life!

Laura said...

Can you email me? I have some questions on where to visit in Mississippi? I appreciate it.

Laura said...

Because I'm a dork, here is my email address Thank you!!

Ginny said...

Hey, Jenn! Loved the interview! Hugs to all, Gigi

Anonymous said...

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