Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zoo Crew

Our trip to the Big Easy to visit the zoo was GREAT, but very exhausting!!

There is so much to see that it really does take *ALL DAY*! Aaannndddd, to top it off, Andrew had a teeball game to be back for at 530.... let's suffice it to say that after that - everyone crashed.

Great fun and great memories!

This is TYPICAL Andrew... he was just about beside himself with excitement, and was dancing around like crazy!!

Engrossed in watching the camels munch their lunch...

I can't believe they both actually looked at the same time... not both smiling, but we'll take it!

Happy Wednesday and Much Love,



karya gue banget said...

morning mis.I interest about your city n i want to know that.so can u help me to give some information about misissipi?thank's a lot of

Michelle said...

Happy Wednesday!
I'm glad that y'all had a wonderful time at the zoo!
Okay, I love the little outfits! Did you make them? I was gonna "try" to make a little wrap like that for Sarah. But my sewing skills, well, I have none!(hehee)

Fresh Girl said...

In that first photo, Andrew looks like he's bustin' an Elvis move there. ;)

Michelle said...

Hi Jennifer
I tagged you for a little meme if you'd like to play along.

Ginny said...

The outfits -- and children -- are precious! Glad y'all had fun.

ADELE said...

Hello! I am a Mississippi girl too and I have enjoyed reading your blog so much!!! I will definitely be back to visit!

Anonymous said...

There is so much to see that it really does take *ALL DAY*!

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