Monday, November 13, 2006

Any ideas?

Any ideas or words of wisdom for me on a "brushing teeth" battle that I wage with the 3 year old nightly? He used to LOVE brushing his teeth, but the last few weeks has been a little bear about it. We go through tears, pleas, begging, etc. (on HIS part) every. single. night when it is time to brush!! Even new Superman toothpaste has failed to do the trick. Any ideas?
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Anonymous said...

OK. I have four kids and all four of them went through a similar stage with brushing their teeth. My three year old is going through it right now, as a matter of fact. It's insane!!

I have made up silly songs to sing while brushing teeth; that seems to take some of the pressure off. Do you remember the Saturday morning song, "Yuck Mouth" that came on when we were kids? My kids think it's hilarious. I sing other songs she knows so that she knows that when the song ends that means I'm finished brushing. When the problem is that she "want to do it myself" I bought a brush just for me to use. I let her brush first (until she's "done")and then it's my turn to brush her teeth, or vice versa. I've even been desperate enough to make up a tooth "horror" story to get a little cooperation--complete with voice dramatization and everything. (Players: "Evil Mr. Tooth Decay" and "Mommyteeth", "Daddyteeth", and all the little "Babyteeth) When the fun stuff fails, and eventually it does, I hold her down on her bed (locking her arms and legs), pry that little mouth open, and BRUSH!

Anonymous said...

have you tried a reinforcement system? i can ask the OTs at work too...we deal with that stuff all the time!

Mississippi Girl said...

Leslie- Thanks for the ideas- At least I know I am not alone!

DJ (does anybody ever call you that anymore??) - That would be great if you'd ask... just email me if they give you any ideas.

Zach said...

You could tell him he could be like cousin zach and have braces to brush and to pick at. =]

I don't know if this will help or not but make up a fake/true story (if that even makes since) about how teeth should be clean and what happens when they are, like a superhero story. Something like "If your teeth arn't clean they can't help fight away bad things in your mouth."

That's what I can think of.

lrlwreath said...

There is this new mouth wash that turns plaque blue on your teeth, and you can have him gargle it and tell him to wash all the blue away =)

Anonymous said...

i'll get right on it and email you soon!!

Wendy said...

Maybe let him pick out a new toothbrush and/or kid's toothpaste. My kids love doing this. Also, you could find a picture to show him what will happen if he doesn't brush, even at a young age it could help.

Anonymous said...

I have no tips. I did read a book which suggested not to worry about it as the milk teeth will drop out soon I don't think that is very good advice!

Hope you find a way :o)

Kathy F. said...

Over at Biblical Womanhood, Crystal lets her daughter use an electric toothbrush. She said her daughter always asks to brush her teeth now!
Hope this helps.
(or one of those battery operated toothbrushes)

Mrs. Wilt said...

Oh, Jennifer!
We went through that, too, until I let Christopher get a Sesame Street battery-operated toothbrush (I think Oral-B makes it). He is the same way as Kathrynne- LOVES to brush now. And, I have to admit, his teeth look much whiter now that he's using it! He got his at Target and I think it was about $6.99 or so. Not too much to pay for munchkins to have good oral hygiene! LOL

Anonymous said...

My youngest loves brushing his teeth, so I don't have that problem with him. But oldest hated brushing his teeth when he was little. We created a little wall chart and he'd get a sticker everytime he brushed his teeth. After he got 10 stickers up, he earned a treat (not candy LOL!), like a small toy or getting to watch a special movie. This worked well for him. I use to buy a "grab bag" of cheap toys from Oriental Trading Company catalog. HTH!