Sunday, November 26, 2006

Busy bee

Things have been soooo busy around here! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I even braved the stores with mama and sister for some "black Friday" shopping... and got alot accomplished. We are off to church this morning, and then my wonderful dad will be here to help me haul our Christmas tree and boxes of decorations, etc. out of the attic. Little Andrew is absolutely BESIDE himself with excitement. Every day when he wakes up he asks "Mama is it Christmastime yet?" It is too cute! Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and weekend with family and friends. Let the Christmas season begin!
Happy Sunday and
Much Love,


Anonymous said...

I hear ya gal, my tree is going up sometime this week. I need to get up in the attic to take the decorations down.

Susan P. said...

Jennifer, I am so happy you have your Dad close by to help you. What a blessing that is for you, especially for those heavy duty "manly jobs!" LOL Little Andrew is going to be asking that question everyday, MANY, MANY times a day for the next month!!! I just want you to know that you and your family continue to be in my prayers. I was wondering, do you ever get to talk to Andy on the phone? I don't know anyone personally who has a loved one in Iraq so I didn't know. Anyway, I sure hope so:) Sending you hugs from Virginia!

Christine said...

We've been so busy too! We got a beautiful tree yesterday, though we haven't decorated it. I get so excited for this time of year. Yay!

Shereen said...

How nice that you have such a wonderful dad nearby to help you at times such as these. That's great!!

Anonymous said...

Things have been soooo busy around here!

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