Thursday, November 16, 2006

Winter Weather and other notes

It seems as if old man winter has finally decided to visit us, and maybe even stay for a while. The temp is struggling to make it into the 50s for the high, and we are around the freezing point at night time. That made for some pretty chilly weather (for this warm blooded Southern girl, at least) this morning when this photographer took outdoor photos of my children this morning. We took the photos at the farm where my dad grew up (and that has been in his family for 100+ years) and where my grandmother still lives. The "photo shoot" was 7 a.m. (for lighting purposes) and my little ones had a grand time climbing all over tractors, calling the cows, petting the horse, terrorizing the rooster and giving mommy a mild heart attack while standing on the edge of an old well. The photographer I chose was a "lifestyle photographer", which means that the shots were not posed. She just took about 300 (no kidding) pictures of us over about an hour and just followed us around while the kids did their thing. I cannot WAIT until she sends the link for our slideshow... I'm hoping for a Christmas card photo! This is also a surprise for Andy, and I'm so excited to see what he thinks about it.
We are headed out to the Mississippi State vs. Arkansas game tomorrow (game is Sat.), and will return on Sunday. Mom has been super busy planning out our tailgating menu, (which will include yummy things like homemade chili, Mississippi Sin Dip (oh MY!!) and many other homemade goodies). I am so looking forward to hanging out with some of our family, and perhaps doing a little shopping in a cute college town. Maybe I'll even have some pics to share next week.
A lot of you have been so sweet to comment/email me and ask how I am doing.... the answer is I am doing okay. I miss my husband so much, though. I try not to think about it. When I start to dwell on it, I start to get upset, my children get upset and it makes for a not so great day. I am trying to stay really busy (that part is working!) I am trying not to complain at all, as that makes me feel worse. I am not feeling sorry for myself, because I know that there are SO many wives out there that are going through the same thing, and some for even longer periods of time. I try to pray all of the time. I think some people seriously think I am crazy because it looks like I am talking to myself (that really did happen at the mall today!) I try to think of the blessings that have come out of him being gone. I know this has forced me to draw closer to the Lord, and depend upon HIM instead of my husband. My faith has been strengthened, and I hold my children a little tighter and a little longer since there is only one of us for now. I am not perfect. I get tired, I get really lonely for those conversations that you only have with the love of your life. I miss holding hands and cleaning up all of his MESSES (really, I do). I miss his boots at the back door. I miss him laughing with me at the kids latest antics. My eyes well up with tears every once in a while when I am doing the most ordinary things (like driving down the highway today... what is up with THAT?). But I know this is a short little period of time in our lives. I know that we are blessed beyond what we deserve. I know that God is near. I know that he has blessed with me with an amazing family that is there for us constantly. I know that I am thankful. And I know that we are fine, really we are.
"For I know whom I have believed
and am persuaded that He is able. "
Happy Thursday and
Much Love,


Amy said...

I'm going to pray for you and your family Jennifer. My sister's husband (who is my husband's brother BTW) is in the Canadian Armed Forces and has often had to be away for a long time. Though I've never lived it myself, I know from talking with my sister how hard it can be. She also found that keeping busy helped the time pass more quickly.

Big Mama said...

Jennifer, this made me so teary. I can't imagine how hard it is and how much you miss him. I'll be praying for y'all.

Hope you have a fun weekend at the game!

Zach said...

Welcome to Oklahoma weather. =]

I've gotten up to 38 degrees or lower for a good week and half and yesterday as I went to my bus stop at 7 it was 28 degrees.

Our highs will struggle to make it out of the 50's until Wednesday, when it will be about 73.
Got to love the varying temps. we have.=]

I hoping it will be warmer there next week when I'm there but if not I'm use to it.

Have a great time at the game and tell everyone I say hey.

love ya

Paula said...

I pray the time passes quickly for you. Someday it will be a fainted past.
What is Mississippi Sin Dip?? Sounds yummy!

Tammy said...

Oh, I still remember how much I missed my husband during those long deployments. Please forgive me for not praying for you regularly...I'm going to start!

The photo shoot does sound fun, just a little chilly! :)

Mrs.B. said...

This post touched me so much......

Becky said...

I'm glad to hear that you are keeping busy. I can't imagine what you are going through with your husband gone. But you are looking to the Heavenly Father for the strength you need to get through this time. And that is just what HE wants you to do. God Bless!!!! Keep squeezing and lovin' on those babies of yours!! Not because your husband's not there but because THEY are a part of him that is there with you! :)

Anonymous said...

{{{Jennifer}}} lots of hugs :)

leslie said...

This is a great post! I think it is wonderful that you are learning to trust more heavily on the Lord during this time. I'll be praying for you, too. My cousin is home now after two one-year deployments...he missed the birth of his first child. It sounds like you have a very supportive family, too. That's a special blessing.

Zach said...

At my church I am doing a sax solo for the youth dept. and I have a choice of 3 songs.

1 of them is Jesus Paid It All

Have you sang that before, I keep thinking that you have.

Just wondering.

Susan P. said...

Jennifer, it is okay to cry. You are going through such an emotional and trying time that it is completely understandable and GOOD to let those tears flow. Your heavenly Father is with you with each tear you shed and is watching over you, your little ones and your beloved husband. Keep holding onto your strong faith and rest and be comforted in the knowledge that he is wrapping his loving arms around you. Sending you hugs and love all the way from Virginia. BTW, what in the world is Mississippi sin dip???? Whatever it is, it certainly sounds delicious AND fattening!! YUMMMMMMYYYYYY!