Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Seam ripper, how I love thee

Oh, how I do love thee, dear seam ripper! I love thee for being my constant companion over the last day and a half during my little sewing adventure! I love thee for ripping out shoulder seams, and uneven hems! But alas, I shall have to put thee away until after Christmas, after which I am quite sure we will be back to being the very best of friends!

So, by now I am sure you have guessed what I have been up to lately! And, even after the headaches and many ugly thoughts I thought toward my dear little sewing machine (and seam ripper!!) I am pleased as punch at the way the children's Christmas pajamas turned out! I was determined that they have matching jammies for Christmas... after being unable to find any I liked anywhere, decided to tackle making them. For a beginning seamstress, it was a chore for me... a chore I tell you. Fortunately, my Gran (who is an expert seamstress) was around while I was sewing, so I had a safety net! She did not sew ONE stitch on these, however... I was determined to do it all myself (Okay, now I'm beginning to sound like I've been around my 3 year old too long!). Now they are done, and my dear friends the machine and the seam ripper will be put away until after the holiday... after which I have several projects lined up with which to torture myself. A torture which I am actually beginning to enjoy.... hmmm

*** Several of you have been so sweet to inquire about our neighbors and their preemie. I spoke with M. today, and the baby is doing okay at best. She is still "touch and go" ... she has a very long road ahead if she does, in fact, survive. Please continue to keep this little family in your prayers. (Their 2 other little ones are being cared for by relatives and mom and dad are driving an hour away every day to visit baby.) Thanks.
Happy Wednesday and
Much Love,


Anonymous said...

Those pajamas are so so cute! Good job on the sewing! One of our daughters sews,and I admire that talent in others! Homemade thing are very special!

Michelle said...

I LOVE them!! You did a really good job! I can not wait to get a sewing machine. I have finally figured out knitting so I am trying to make a wash cloth it is going very slow!!
Yes, I still use Mary Kay! I love it~ I have not had to buy anything for about 2 years because I had a ton of stuff left over and I am starting to run out of things but I just can not bring myself to pay full price for it knowing how much it is marked up!! But more than likely I will break down and buy more cleanser and I am loving the Downtown Brown lipstick ~ I got a couple of samples from a girlfriend of mine ~ Anyway, I could talk make-up all day but that ain't getting my house clean!
Hope ya have a good day! Michelle

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

What a beautiful job you did on those PJ's! And how special that you made them for your children! Your thoughts on the seam ripper made me chuckle too!

Zach said...

If want Christmas to come early go look at my blog. =]

Like the pajamas.=]

Kathleen Marie said...

Those are the cutest PJ's... adorable. I have to find my sewing machine. I haven't seen it since we moved into our new home a year or so ago! Hummm??

Mrs.B. said...

What cute jammies! You did a great job sewing them.


Michelle said...

Hey Jennifer ~
I was wondering as well as another commenter about your home notebook (sorry I can't remember what you called it) WOuld you mind sharing? I am trying to get some ideas ~ I have seen a couple on different blogs and I am going to try to put one together ~ It will be another story all together if I follow it :o)
THanks MIchelle

Mississippi Girl said...

As for the home notebook/management binder... YES! I would love to share it! However, it will probably be next week, as I have a super busy weekend coming up! Just be looking for it next week!

Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas PJ's!! You did a wonderful job! You will have to take some pictures of your kiddos wearing them Christmas morning.

Have a nice evening!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, Looks like a sweet blog, looking forward to exploring it. For now though I had a had mentioned a caution with VF comment on A Sparrow's Nest and the link just goes to a blog, not to the comment itself. Could you direct to where the comment is perhaps?

Blessed Week and Blessed Advent : ) Wendy

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Just read down further and saw that more details came in the next comment. Sorry about that : )

Zach said...

Trust me it is..

we have had 4 inches of snow and its still snowing

and below 0 wind chills with the wind blowing hard.

gotta love oklahoma. =]

Kate said...

Darling jammies! You have quite a talent! :)
I am keeping your neighbors preemie in prayer as I think of my neighbors little one too. Keep us posted please.

Big Mama said...

I love those jammies! They turned out so cute and all that hard work will be so worth it when your little cuties are opening presents Christmas morning.

Amy said...

I was laughing out loud just reading the title of your post. I can so relate!! They turned out just beautifully. And the next time you sew somthing like this it will be *so* much easier.

Susan P. said...

Christmas jammies are the best, especially when they are "made with love" by Mommy! You did a wonderful job and your little ones are going to be adorable in them:)

Anonymous said...

Adorable, Jennifer! Hugs and kisses to the little ones.

Deanna said...

I have recently stumbled across your blog while following links from here and there and have thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. You did a wonderful job stitching. Surely those ugly thoughts from Round One here will be replaced with visions of a great many projects in the future!

Thank you for sharing. I am blessed for this visit here.

a newly-transplanted Mississippian

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I do love thee, dear seam ripper!

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