Friday, May 26, 2006

Aprons show and tell

This is my favorite apron ever! I only recently purchased it, and it is a vintage 1950's serving apron. It has the cutest pattern- black and white background with pink roses scattered across it and pink binding (hard to see in the pic). Tammy, at Tammy's Times , is hostessing an apron show and tell this week on her blog- How Fun!
Have a super weekend!
Much Love, Jennifer


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

You are so cute! And Trim!!! :)
I don't own an apron---yet....on my to buy list!!!

Zach said...

Thanks. It's sat. morning I'll be there soon!!!

See sometime within the next 6 weeks ;)

Zach said...

Sorry meant to say

See you sometime within the next 6 weeks ;)

Jennelle said...

Dear Jennifer,

Love the apron and you are so pretty in it too! :-)



Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...