Wednesday, May 10, 2006

On scheduling and routines.......

Soooooo... I said I would post my daily schedule, and, here it is!
7:00- 9:00
-Get up, kids up, bottle and breakfast for baby, breakfast for me and 2 year old,
-Get self dressed, kiddos dressed
-Beds made
-Dishwasher unloaded, reloaded, kitchen cleaned
-Load of clothes on to wash (Monday- Bedding, Tues. Towels/washcloths
Wed.- Kid's laundry, Thursday- mine and hubby's laundry)
-Playtime with baby girl
-Educational show/video for 2 year old
-daily cleaning (Mon.- bathrooms, Tues. dust furniture, clean mirrors and pictures, Wed.
appliances, Thurs. floors, Fri. cleaning project such as cabinets, polish silver, baseboards, etc.,
I have a different project for every Fri.)
-Naptime for baby girl
- One on One learning time for 2 1/2 year old with mommy. (Read books, do a craft, puzzles,
coloring, drawing, numbers, letters, bible verses CD, etc.)
-Finish Laundry
11:00- 2:00
- Lunch, lunch clean up, music time, play outside time and storytime
-Naptime for kiddos
-Me- daily bible reading/devotional
-Work on my daily "to do" list
-Return phone calls, computer time
-"special project" time -I have a list of projects I am trying to work through, such as catching up
on scrapbooking, photo albums, smocking, cross-stitching, etc....
-Supper prep (menus planned out weekly)
-kids playing in kitchen/ dining area while I do this, 2 year old loves to help, and I let him!
-Supper and clean up
-Baths and playtime with Daddy (Daddy does baths, too), Storytime, color time
-Brush teeth, prayers, singing, then LIGHTS OUT
-Free time and of course.......
-Mommy/Daddy time!!

This is not a RIGID schedule-- Of course, there are days when I am out doing errands, going to the grocery, shopping, know the routine.. but whenever we get back home, we just pick up where we left off, and if I miss cleaning, etc.. I just fit it in the next day... This schedule really works for us and is great for the kids. So if you don't have a schedule...... get busy and get yourself one.... and expect your stress level to plummet!


Zach said...

Wow, you are pretty busy :)
mine is very simple, in a way

6:30-7:00 eat breakfast, get dressed and ready for school.
7:05 out the door to the bus stop.

7:20 at school
8am-1st hour math
9am-2nd hour hon. sci
10am-3rd hr hon. english
11am- Band
11:55-12:25 lunch
12:30- 5th hour reading
1:30- 6th hr hon. history
2:30 on bus to home
2:45 arrive at home
3-10 homework chores dinner get ready for bed
10 in bed.

Weekends are different.
I thought i would mock yours and show you mine. :D
have a great thursday its almost friday!!

John Russell said...

Well after seeing this I hope that no one makes any comments about you doing nothing all day.