Monday, July 24, 2006

A Baby Meme

Anna Kate was tagged for a baby meme by Joy's Little Boy, Hudson

A BABY meme .....

3 Things That Scare Me
1. When people are too loud
2. When I am suddenly awoken from a nap
3. The Lawnmower

3 People That Make Me Laugh
1. Big Brother Andrew
2. Mommy and Daddy
3. ANYBODY can make little miss Anna Kate laugh if they are silly enough !

3 Things I Love
1. My soft baby doll
2. Pulling ALL the pictures and books down off Mommy’s bookshelf (OVER and OVER again)
3. Playing in Brother’s room

3 Things I Hate
1. Not getting fed fast enough
2. Veggies
3. Being strapped into my carseat

3 Things I Don’t Understand
1. Why I can’t eat all that cool stuff that I find on the floor
2. Why I can’t do everything big brother does
3. Why mama keeps trying to make me eat nasty veggies!

3 Things on my Floor
1. TOYS!
2. A blanket
3. A Peter Rabbit book

3 Things I’m Doing Right Now
1. Sleeping
2. Sucking my thumb
3. Holding my favorite babydoll

3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
1. Learn how to run as fast as brother
2. Eat ice cream all day long!
3. Climb into the bathtub by myself

3 Things I Can Do
1. Squeal really, really, loudly !!!! ( I like to think I’m a baby dinosaur)
2. Baby signs for duck, light, more, baby and “night night”
3. Give the sweetest baby girl kisses ever

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
1. SWEET !!!
2. Determined
3. Curious

3 Things I Cannot Do
1. See my mommy leave without crying
2. Walk on my own yet (I’m taking a few steps here and there- just can’t let go totally yet!)
3. Sit still

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To
1. ME… when I am looking at a book… I make up all kinds of interesting babble-talk
2. The silly songs mommy sings to me during the day… they make me DANCE!
3. Andrew try to “scold” me “I telled you no, no, no sissy”

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
1. Mama’s pesky alarm clock
2. Our crazy dog barking outside at night
3. The sound of the lawnmower- I do NOT like it

3 Absolute Favorite Foods
1. Lasagna
2. Peaches and cream oatmeal
3. Yogurt

3 Things I’d Like to Learn
1. How to get all big brother’s toys for my own!
2. How to get mama to quit putting shoes on me. I just don’t like wearing them! Doesn’t she understand that’s why I always take them off!!??
3. How to get Mama to hold me ALL of the time !!

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly
1. Milk
2. Apple Juice
3. Water

3 Shows I Watch
Just Baby Einstein now and then

Babies I Tag
Any baby whose mama is willing to do this!

Happy Monday and
Much Love, Jennifer


Joy said...

She is so adorable!!
Thanks for playing along!


Susan P. said...

Okay, I seriously need to pinch her cute little cheeks!! LOL She is so precious, and what beautiful eyes she has!

Wendy said...

What an adorable picture!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

What a sweet little girl :)

Joy and I have arranged marriages for our oldest...maybe I need to get your little sweetie for my Reecie!!! :)

Mrs. Ward said...

It's amazing how much Anna Kate favors her father and your son favors you!

Mississippi Girl said...

Thanks for the sweet thoughts!
Lindsey-I Like that idea!!

Michelle said...

She is just the cutest thing!!!! It was fun reading over her 3 favorite things. How old was she when you started baby signs with her? I have thought about starting with Sarah. Emily had no interest in it at all and Audrey was an early talker(she is my girly one :0)

Anonymous said...
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