Thursday, July 13, 2006

Calories, calories

While researching some different types of exercise recently, I came across something while surfing that I found very interesting.... Housework is considered exercise!!!!! Read below...

Housework is a form of exercise because you use the major muscles of the body (arms, trunk, and legs) and you can burn substantial amounts of calories. However, it is not as balanced as a formal exercise program wherein a fitness trainer makes sure that you tighten and stretch all your muscles properly. But housework can definitely be a practical way to stay fit while keeping your house clean.
Gardening 259 (APPROX. calories per hour)

Grocery shopping 194
Housecleaning 346
Ironing 122
Cleaning up after a party 245
Rearranging furniture 360
Stairclimbing 480
Washing dishes 122
Washing the car 245

I don't know about ya'll, but that really motivates me to clean house, wash the car and ... have more parties (just so I can clean up!). So, what are you waiting for... move away from that computer and get busy, girls! (I 'm talking to myself, too!) Too bad it doesn't say how many calories blogging burns per hour- but let's just pretend its 800. I know, I know, but a girl can dream, can't she??
Happy Friday and
Much Love,


Angie said...

Oh, if only blogging was a calorie burner! (dreaming)

Wow, I can do all that in the A/C and burn those calories. Might have to try that...oneday!

Mrs Blythe said...

I have recently bought some pretty tops with Mum for my birthday (and your brother's, yey! I don't mean I bought the tops for your brother...doh, you know what I mean, lol). Anyhoo, I'm pretty skinny, but I need to keep the weight off to fit in the new tops I guess, so hurrah for house cleaning :o)

plainandsimple said...

I like housework Jennifer, but I'm becoming a real "mouse potato", if only blogging burned calories...actually I do have really slim fingers!LOL!

Mrs.B. said...

LOL Plainandsimple! 'Mouse Potato', I LOVE IT!!

Amy said...

Well, I'm encouraged to know I'm burning LOTS of calories today. Too much sewing and blogging in the evening and not enough cleaning. My house was in such a shambles!

Susan P. said...

Okay, lets pretend blogging burns 800 calories!! If that were true I would be looking like some of these pencil thin "hollywood" actresses! NOT!! I'm with Mrs.B, I love the term "mouse potato!"

Wendy said...

That would be great if blogging was around 800!

Penrick said...

If you eat lasagna and then wash the dishes, can I call it even?

If being on-line was a calorie burner, I wouldn't be here.

Anonymous said...

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