Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Through the Bible.... with my little buddy !

Well, I have decided to read straight through my bible, in a relatively short period of time, and to do the same thing with little Andrew. He has a "children's bible", and it is divided up into sections. When I do my bible reading in the morning, I make sure that I read the same "section" to him in his little bible at night.... and it is working out SO great! Before this, we had just been skipping around, reading different stories to him (he wanted "Jonah" or "Daniel and the big scary lions almost every night), but now, he is really getting into it and looking forward to what we are reading about the next night. We also review what we read the night before. And it also keeps me on my toes about reading several chapters a day, as his little bible goes much faster than mine!
In other ramblings, my sewing classes are going well- I learned to do a cap sleeve today, and am about to go and practice tonight- it is so much FUN! I miss Andy so much that it takes my breath away sometimes (silly, I know), and little miss took 2 steps today!
Am so thankful for the Lord's mercies that are new every morning.

Happy Wednesday and
Much Love,


Mrs Blythe said...

Hi Jennifer, how lovely to read with your son. I need sewing classes too I think, I can do a bit but I can't make clothes or anything.

It isn't silly to miss your hubby, it would be silly not to miss him and worrying too. You'll be in my prayers. Blessings.

Michelle said...

That is so very sweet that you are doing that with your son. He will always remember his time spent with mommy.
I am glad to hear that your sewing classes are going well. I am going to drag out my grandmother's old sewing machine (it just needs a new cord) and try my hand at it AGAIN!!!

Shereen said...

Jennifer, I happy to hear that the Bible readings with your son are going so well. You'd be surprised at how much they absorb, even when you don't think they are listening. ;0) YAY!! with the sewing classes. I can't wait to see any upcoming projects. I will keep your beloved and you in prayer. I can't even imagine what that is like. Before you know it your little miss will be running around with her big brother.

Mrs. Linebarger said...

What a wonderful idea to keep your Bible time in step with your son's so that you are reading the same things and the same time. Great idea!!!

It sounds like your sewing lessons are coming right along and that you are learning a lot! You're going to be quite the seamstress!!

As always, keeping your husband and your family in my prayers!!

Christine said...

Jennifer, what a great idea for hiding His Word in your son's heart. This is definitely one of the most important things one can do as a parent. I am praying for your family especially as your husband is gone. I truly admire you and your dear family. May God protect your husband in a very special way.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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