Sunday, July 02, 2006

YAY !!

Well, we (I) did it!! Little Mr. Andrew didn't turn out to be quite so much help.... *sigh* he broke one of the completed saucers when my back was turned because he was trying to make a "tower" out of the pots and saucers. But at least he had FUN, and it will be a good memory ! Because, ya know, in the big grand scheme of things, the broken saucer doesn't matter a fig... anyway ! I know ya'll are probably sick of hearing about this little project by now, but just HAD to share. They turned out cute, don't you think? I'm giving a couple of them away at a family get together this afternoon- I added the raffia bows to some of them, thought it was a nice touch.... !! Off to change and head out the door....
Happy Lord's Day
and Much Love,


Mrs Blythe said...

They are so cute, what a good job you both did. Very clever mummy! And you are so right, a broken saucer is nothing in the grand scheme of things! :o)

Dawn said...

Very nice job!
They are so cute.

BooMama said...

Those are adorable. You're so crafty!

If you think about it and are reading my blog again, leave your email in the comments - in the little designated box - and I'll email you so we can determine if we're long-lost cousins. :-)

Have a wonderful 4th with family (and your cute new pots!) -

Amy said...

Those turned out really great! Sounds like you all had fun. I had to laugh about your little boy making a tower - sounds just like something my little monkeys would try :)