Saturday, July 01, 2006

Today's Project !

This is a photo of the little "patriotic" craft that Andrew and I will be attempting this afternoon (I'm sure mommy will be doing most of the work) ... but.... he will be painting the saucer, thankyouverymuch... a good little artist, he is... and sister's tiny hands will be far, far away from it! Hubby has to go to Home Depot this morning for some other things, and will be picking up the pots for us (yes I am making more than one). That dear, sweet man of mine can think of 1,000 excuses to go to a Home Improvement store..." I think we're out of ummmm.... extra nails and ummm.... more fence boards... that's it... fence boards, didn't you notice the one with the big split waaaaay out in the back ?"..... Whatever makes you happy, sweetheart- just glad I'm married to such a "manly man" who looooooves the home improvement warehouse... (Big smile on my face). How in the world do ya'll let me get off on such tangents!!! ANYWAY, ladies (and my 2 gentlemen readers... yes, I'm talking to you, brother, and you, cousin), here is the link for the project, they have lots of other fun "crafty" things to do with (or without!) your kiddos. I just picked this one for the upcoming holiday.
Happy, Happy, Happy Saturday! And... HAPPY JULY!!
Much Love,


Mrs Blythe said...

How cute! What a fun project. I usually end up doing a project, that the kiddies should be doing, all by myself (with an audience). Lol. But I love it!

Susan P. said...

Jennifer, we must be married to the same fellow! Mr.P and I just got back from a "date" at the Home Depot! lol Your project looks like so much fun. I taught preschool (3yr old class) for many years and I just love that age that your son is at. It is SOOO much fun. Happy painting!!

Zach said...

You did such a great job last night, We loved it!