Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fashion Statement and other ramblings

This is what happens when an (almost) 4 year old dresses herself.
I laughed until I couldn't at this picture of my little niece sent to me by her mother today. Is she not the CUTEST thing?? Thought this might make y'all smile, too!

We've been busy around here. A picture taking session of both kids turned into a 3 ring circus when our tiny princess decided all she wanted to do was suck her thumb and lie down upon the backdrop *sigh*. In the end, at least she decided to look in the direction of the camera while sucking that thumb. She was quite mad at the whole ordeal, I believe, but was placated later with a nice dish of vanilla ice cream. Older brother? A complete DOLL during the session. Thank goodness or I am sure that I may have been driven mad!

Speaking of madness... I have been much engrossed in a 700+ page book about the life of Mary Lincoln.. she is actually very fascinating and was even commited to an asylum for the insane by her own son. Unbelievable. If I have never mentioned it, I am quite a voracious reader. The downfall of that is I want to stay up all hours of the night reading (like I did BEFORE I had children)... and one is apt to be extremely tired, cranky and run down feeling after such nights. Perhaps it is a good thing that I also read rather speedily so that there are not so many of said nights!!

Any thoughts on small (preschool) brothers and sisters sharing a bedroom?? I have seen several setups of this lately in some of my favorite decorating/merchandise magazines for children (Pottery Barn Kids being the most recent as it came in the mail today). The decorating schemes are just precious! Lots of gingham, monogramming and sweet rugs and window treatments. I have been contemplating this, and am not quite sure yet as to what I think of it. We certainly have the room for them to have their own rooms (as they do now)... but just a thought. Any input?

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week! For me, it feels absolutely wonderful to be settling back down into our routines after the busy and hectic holiday season!

Happy Wednesday and
Much Love,


Ginny said...

Fortunately, today's outfit was less outrageous: Purple pants, a blue top and a pink sweater, topped once again with the pink touk knitted for her by my good friend Sandi. I'm sorry Little Miss didn't cooperate at the photographer's, but at least there was ice cream! Love, Ginny

Held In His Hands said...

I do believe my Mom has a few photos of me from years ago in outfits like this one. Thank goodness I grew out of the "every color matches everything" phase with the guiding hand of my Mom, of course.

Becky said...

Hi Jennifer,

Could you tell me the title of the Mary Lincoln book? I am also a voracious reader and I'm fascinated with history!

By the way, I just want to tell you that your blog is always such an encouragement to me. You and your hubby and kiddos are in my prayers.


Mississippi Girl said...

Hi Becky!
Thanks for your sweet comment!!
The name of the book is "Mary" by Janis Cooke Newman. It is a powerful story.
Jennifer R.

mrs.monise said...

oh what a cute picture, that reminds me of my now 6 year old who is always trying to dress herself. I must say these little girls have style! LOL

C. said...

Do you mind if I link your blog to mine? Your blog is a blessing to me.I am just starting out with this blogging thing.

Mississippi Girl said...

Hi C!
It would be just fine with me if you linked my blog... how very sweet of you. Congrats upon entering the world of blogging!

Susan P. said...

Love, love, love the picture, it cracked me up! About the sharing of the room I don't think there is a thing wrong with it when they are young. I think it teaches cooperation, sharing, and makes a bond between siblings even stronger. However, I do believe that down the road they are each going to want their "own space" and should have it for privacy reasons as well as having special friends over, etc.. Can't wait to see how you decorate it:) Gotta love Pottery Barn!

Big Mama said...

I just love the picture and you know I can relate. No one can tell a little one that less may be more.

thehomespunheart said...

So cute! I'd love to hear more about your photo taking sessions as we have not had such great success with local studios. And, I've wondered about the prospect of doing this at home...


Kate said...

I love room sharing. Our two girls share a room since the second one was born. But I see no problem with your two sharing a room either. It's such a bonding time - and a great opportunity to learn a lot of sharing and cooperation. My brother and I are 2.5 years apart and we are so close. I didn't share a room with him, but we were always camping out in each other's rooms - almost always! I say go for it. PBK has the best ideas ever!

Anonymous said...

Our two girls share a room, they do tend to disturb each other sometimes, but they also have lots of fun.

BTW that photo is just how B likes to dress herself. The other day she went out wearing, muticoloured stripey tights, checkered skirt and orange top with pink cropped cardigan, lol! She gets very upset when I redress her :)

Rachel said...

I come here often and I am encourged by your posts. I love your audio shout-out. I used to have a pen pal from Como, Mississippi. Hearing your voice made me think of her. I agree, PBK has great ideas. I love their gingham combinations. I think you can find gingham things by Martha Stewart at Kmart. I copied :o) a couple for my daughter's room a few years ago. Have fun!

BrittLeigh said...

SUCH a cute niece there :D. My almost 3 year-old nephew dresses himself every morning and we never know what to expect. I just love a kid's imagination. Wouldn't it be kinda handy to not have to worry about coordinating?? Though I'd have to say your niece's coordination is hilariously tasteful :D. It made me smile too ;).

Zach said...

Hey Jenn!

How is everything? Are Andy's friends doing any better?

Kelly said...

Precious! My daughter has a very similar style!

Mrs. U said...

First, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hand on your niece's hip!!!!

Second, what is the book about Mrs. Lincoln? Sounds very interesting!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when an (almost) 4 year old dresses herself.

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