Sunday, January 21, 2007

"The winner is".... and other news

First of all, let me just say a big huge "THANK YOU" to all of you that submitted names for my sister's new little pup. The big news is that Miss Indecisive (aka sister) has finally chosen one of them (Hallelujah chorus playing in background).

...And the winner is LUCY... submitted by Big Mama (who just happens to be one of my absolute favorite bloggers). Congrats girlfriend! You can now offically add the title "dog namer" to your resume!

We've had a fun, relaxing weekend here. Andrew spent Friday night and Saturday with my mom and dad. I think he actually spent most of it with Dad seeing as how how followed him everywhere and insisted on doing everything daddy did. Anna Kate and I had a quiet Friday night and Sat. here at home where I managed to accomplish about 101 things that I had been meaning to do all week! It really is amazing how QUIET the house was with just one of them here. We met everyone out Sat. night and had a nice family dinner at a local restaurant. I actually got to you know, um, EAT, too since there were about 10 other pairs of hands to help with the littles. Nice.

I probably won't be around much this week, (though I AM going to do that meme, Michelle!!) because I will being doing some guest lectures at the community college (as a favor to my mom!) on cardiac nursing for the RN students. I am SO excited because I love, love, love to teach, plus it is my area of expertise! A nice little diversion, though I am quite sure by the time the week is over I will be more than happy to return to my "adventures in mommy-dom" here at home. Sadly, the gym will still be waiting for me in the mornings. It doesn't take guest lecturing as an excusable absence. *sigh*.

Hope everyone is off to a great start for this brand new week!!

Happy Monday and
Much Love,


Big Mama said...

Well, I feel so honored to be the "dog namer". I'm telling you, she just looked like a Lucy!

Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great week and lots of fun lecturing :) Hugs

lrlwreath said...

"Hey, Lucy....where are you." Hehe that is what came to my mind. Adorable name.

Sounds like you have a full week, have a good one.

Tammy said...

Woohoo! The puppy does look like a Lucy! :)
Have a super week, Jennifer!

Susan P. said...

Lucy is the perfect name. Hopefully she won't get into as much trouble as the red haired Lucy! LOL Sounds like you had a perfect weekend and I am so excited for you to get the opportunity to share your expertise with the nursing students. I am sure you are an excellent teacher and your enthusiasm and love you have for the nursing profession will be contagious:)

Anonymous said...

"The winner is".... and other news

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