Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fatigue and good things

I am soooo absolutely positively exhausted. This week and last have been 2 of THE most hectic weeks yet since Andy has been gone.... which is a good thing in a way. I went to my parent's home at the end of my (almost) last guest lecture at the college today because my kiddos were there. Sometimes nothing brings more solace when you are bone weary than to walk into a warm house full of people that you love. It was like a balm to my very soul to come into that cozy environment with the candles burning, fire ablaze (a staple in the wintertime) and the smell of home cookin' on the stove. Home cookin' to the tune of... roast, rice, gravy, sweet potato casserole, sweet tea, butterbeans and biscuits. It took me back a few years to when I lived at home. Back to the wonderful-ness of being taken care of, loved and enveloped in the warm presence of family. A good thing? Most definitely.
Now we are back at our home with our tummies full, minds relaxed, and the sweet aroma of family still lingering. The next good thing for tonight? Climbing into that HOT bath that is running as we speak in my swimming pool of a bath tub. Complete with bubbles, candles, and a very large mug of spiced tea, it will be a VERY good thing and a good note on which to wind down my day.

Happy Wednesday and
Much Love,


Trista said...

Nothing like going home to be with family. And you can never beat the smell of Southern home cooking!!!!

Hope things slow down for you soon!

As a new reader, I have to say you look VERY FAMILIAR! I know you look a lot like Paula Dean's D-I-L, but it's not that! I swear I know/seen you from somewhere.

Mrs.B. said...

It sounds wonderful! And those flowers from the post below are GORGEOUS! (o:

michelle said...

Oh, what a wonderful feeling! Prior to getting married I always loved coming home on cold winter nights to a warm house and dinner cooking on the stove ~ It is nice to be the one taking care of things around the house and making those same memories for the girls but oh, it is so nice to have someone take care of you every once in awhile!
I could not help but think of you this morning! We turned on the tv to check the weather and Regis and Kelly were on ~ they had the girl from American Idol (can't remeber her name) but I thought about the post you wrote awhile back and how you had been asked it you were her!
Hope you have a blessed Thursday!
Love ya

Karen said...

It IS very soothing to be embraced by family and familiar feelings. One of my favorite ways to relax is in the bathtub. Still have a large tub on my list for "someday". ;-). Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo absolutely positively exhausted.

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