Saturday, August 12, 2006


I am finally DONE with my first sewing project (remember the one I showed y'all "in progress" a while back?) And here is the finished product (singing Hallelujah chorus in my head). Now, I'm not quite sure if this is something I would've picked out in the store?? The teacher in our sewing class picked out the pattern we all had to use, but I take full responsibility for the fabric choice. And, yes, there are a few tiny little mistakes here and there. And, yes, it is a wee bit too big. But, by George, I AM gonna wear the silly thing, you know, since I DID make it and all. I may even fish for a compliment just so I can beam with pride and say "I DID THIS!". Maybe to church in the morning? .. black skirt, black heels, big shiny black jewelry?... Hmmm... I'll just have to let y'all know how it goes.
Happy Weekend and
Much Love,


Amy said...

Hooray Jennifer! It looks really great!

Angie said...

Oh Jen, I love it! It would totally go w/ the black skirt and black heels I am wearing to church this morning. Great job! Kinda makes me want to make myself something! Hmmm...maybe I will!

Zach said...

it looks really nice Jenn. Good job.

Susan P. said...

Hip, hip, HURRAYYYY! Beautiful job!! You wear that proudly and you "strut" your stuff. As the kids say, "You go girl!"

Mrs.Clark said...

It looks great Jennifer! Better than I could ever do. I hope one day someone can teach me to sew. I'm sure you will look lovely in it!

I've been looking for a nice and not very expensive Heirloom and a Smocked dress for Mady. I love the white ones! I found a site called They have some beautiful dresses at wonderful prices.I hope you have a wonderful Lord's Day with those precious blessings of yours! May grace & peace be with us all.... Mrs.Clark

P.S. Can you please pray for me and I get a colosokopy tommorow for my abnormal pap smear. I would greatly appreciate it!

Laurel Wreath said...

Great job, pat pat pat on the back!!

Mississippi Girl said...

Mrs. Clark-
Of Course you will be in my prayers!!!! Let me know how it turns out.
Love, Jennifer

Andy said...

Hey Sweetie! Great Job on the shirt, it looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it and you!!!

Love ya,


Mrs.B. said...

Looks great!!