Saturday, August 19, 2006

Of early risers, complainers and breakfasts!

Lately, I have committed to getting up early in the morning to do my bible study. Why? Well, probably because if I don't.... well, then I just DON'T. Know what I mean? The cares, concerns, and activities of the day just sorta take over. AND I keep telling myself that I will do it... when the kids nap, after supper, before I go to bed. AND inevitably, What happens? Phone calls, projects to finish, supper to cook, babies that need tendin' to, cleaning to do. And life happens. So, with this new bible study I am doing, the ever wise Mrs. George admonishes us over and over to spend time in the word early. Our first time, early time, belongs to God. You know, even in the Psalms, David rose early in the morning to greet the Lord, in the gospels, Jesus spend early time with His Father.

Not that I've been super excited about this getting up early business, mind you, but I am committed to doing it. COMMITTED, I tell you. Even if it means I have to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks (wait, I think that happened this morning?!!!??) Even if I have to nap with the babes in the afternoon. Even if it takes time away from other endeavors. Because it is an eternal investment. Because even this small sacrifice on my part pleases our Heavenly Father. Because it is worth it.

I recently came upon this quote in our bible study book, and well, let me just say OUCH!!!

"To complain is an accusation against God. It questions God's wisdom and God's good judgement. God has always equated complaining with unbelief....Why? Because to complain is to doubt God. It is the same thing as suggesting that God really doesn't know what He is doing." Don Baker

After reading that let's just say that my complainer is on vacation.

In other news, we had a fabulous family breakfast this morning. Andy and I took the kiddos and met my grandparents at our local Cracker Barrel and let's just all say together.... Yumm-yyy. Perusing all of the Christmas and Fall items even brainwashed me into thinking it was a little cooler outside. That is until I acutally stepped back outside, and then *sigh* back to the reality of living in good ol' South Mississippi.

Off to do the million and one things we have planned for today... Oh and did I mention how unbelievably awesome, fantastic and GREAT it is to have my husband home.... didn't think so, so I'll tell you again.... It IS unbelievably awesome, fantastic and GREAT to have Andy home!!
Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful families.

Happy Saturday and
Much Love!


Big Mama said...

I know you have early risers, so how early are you getting up? I know I need to start doing the same thing, but I haven't committed. You've inspired me!

Dwayne, Jenny & Hendrik said...

If you don't mind my asking, what devotional/Bible study book are you reading right now?
That quote about complaining really hit home to me too...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer. First things first - your blog is just beautiful!! What a lovely template!

I started to make it a routine to get up early to pray because like you I find that during the day things just take over and I forget or don't get time or peace to do it. However to my shame I've lapsed out of the habit. Your post is a reminder I really need to get back into the habit! Blessings. Sarah

Mrs.B. said...

You're right about that quote...OUCH!!

Great post, thanks for the encouragement. (o:

Mississippi Girl said...

Hey Big Mama-
Wellll actually we've been trying a new little system here. Andrew usually sleeps 2 hrs. in the afternoon, so I cut his nap down to 1 hour, and am putting him to bed at about 830 instead of 8. THERFORE... he is sleeping a little (mind you I said a little) longer in the a.m... so now I am getting up at 6 to do bible study and it has been working pretty well. He is waking up at about 630 now, so that gives me some undisturbed time.

Hi Jenny... I am doing "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George with some girls from church. We are meeting on Mondays and doing the video/workbook series. BUT... I have also done the individual book/workbook on my own- got it from our local Christian bookstore (I go to Lifeway bookstore here... don't know if y'all have that there?? It is a Southern Baptist resource.)

SARAH!!! I am SOO glad you are back... have missed you and can't wait to see pics of your trip.

Mrs. B. - So glad you were encouraged!

Tammy said...

I think it so great that you have commited yourself to this. And I know God will bless you for it!

I sometimes have this same trouble, trying to squeeze my Bible time whenever I it may come down to commiting to a special time, no matter what, too.

Oh, by the way...I "tagged" you! You're IT! :)

Susan P. said...

Okay, Cracker Barrel, YUMMMMYYY:) One of my fav places to eat. Everytime we go there and I sit in one of those cozy rockers, I turn to Mr. P and "bat my eyes" and say, "boy, it sure would be nice to have one of these for our new porch!" So far, he hasn't taken the hint! LOL I'll be serious now! Elizabeth George is my fav. Christian author. I have done all of her bible studies and many times I felt like turning off the alarm when I needed to get up but EVERYTIME I was so happy I did. She presents Gods word and his purpose for my life as a wife and mother unlike any author I have ever known. Stick with it, it will be SO worth it:)

Trixi said...

Oh, we love Cracker Barrel. We don't have one here in Starkvill (I'm not sure why). We go to one when we go to Jackson, Hattiesburg, or Tupelo. I also love Elizabeth George. Her book "A Woman after God's Own Heart" was life changing for me. I am now reading/studying "Created to be His Help Meet" by Debi Pearl. I read through it once while my husband was in Iraq last year and have now started it over. It's a toe stomper. Anyway, have a great week.

Christine said...

Good for you! I have tried that many times and have finally decided there are seasons (like having infants) when I just can't get up early. After being up half the night it ain't gonna happen! Good luck and stock up on toothpicks!

Becky said...

I'm starting a new bible study course Sept. 12th....they suggest 30-45 minutes of study a day! WHEW! I'm excited though.....i need to get up a little early and spend some time with God and in the word. It is so important!