Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

My Thirteen Favorite Places
1. On the couch with hubby on a cold night with fireplace burning and Christmas lights on.
2. Soaking up the sun on the beach in the dead heat of summer
3. Snuggled up in my very comfy bed
4. The Smoky Mountains in the fall.
5. Disneyworld.... any time of year
6. In a rocking chair on a porch at night listening to the crickets and cicadas. I'm not particular. Any ol' porch will do.
7. A football game in the fall
8. My parent's house on Christmas morning
9. Wrapped up in a bear hug by my tall, strong sweetie.
10. Lying on the floor, reading stories to the kiddos
11. Soaking in a bubble bath with candles and my London Symphony Orchestra CD
12. Sitting in a pedicure chair
13. An awesome worship service on Sunday mornings.

Happy Thursday and
Much Love,


Mrs.Clark said...

Hello Jennifer. I just wanted to sya I hope you are having a wonderful day! I also hope that you and those precious little ones have a wodnerful weekend as well. I went to the doc today thinking I might of had a tumor and it was only a absece. Praise the Lord!!! I knew by putting all my worries in his hands he would take care of me. I'm waiting to hear tommorow if I will be expecting my third child. I'm so excited!!! I think I'm pregnant but not for sure yet. Children are such blessings... I will let you know tommorow. Can't wait to find out!! (Smiling Very Big) Big Hugs to you & yours, Mrs.Clark

Mrs.Clark said...

Sorry about all the typing errors. I was in a hurry.**

Mississippi Girl said...

OH! Congratulations (hopefully). That WOULD be a wonderful blessing!! Be sure to let us know.
Jennifer R.