Thursday, August 10, 2006

My 100th post...

Today is my 100th post! yay! So, in honor of that, I thought I'd do (What Else?) My 100 things... (also called "More than You'd Ever Want to know about Jennifer")
Here goes...

1. Jennifer is not my first name (middle name)
2. I'm not telling what it is!
3. But I will tell you I was named after a celebrity's child
4. That celebrity was Nancy Sinatra
5. I live about an hour away from the town where I grew up
6. I was married to my husband 9 months to the day after we met
7. We got engaged after dating only 2 months!
8. I have the uncanny ability to retain the words/tune to any song I hear.... for example I remember all of the words/songs to children's musicals we did in church as children!
9. I was saved at the age of 10 during a week of revival at my hometown church.
10. I have a vivid memory of that day.
11. My daddy once met Steven Segal in an elevator in Washington, D.C.
12. Daddy was on a business trip, they were staying in the same hotel, Dad said he was reallllllly nice!
13. I can call cattle like nobody's business all because...
14. .... My daddy raised Hereford cattle (as a hobby)
15. I AM a good 4 wheeler driver, BUT
16. I was in a leg splint and crutches for 2 weeks because of being in a wreck on one (HEY... I wasn't driving)
17. I have 2 younger siblings, 1 sister, 1 brother.
18. I know how to set a fence post
19. We always had a horse at home when I was a kid, therefore,
20. I know how to ride 'em
21. My Gran took us swimming in the creek every summer...
22. Which terrified my mom, Especially....
23. The summer when a snake was swimming about a foot away from my head !
24. It was the same creek my daddy was baptized in.
23. I am a Baptist, of the Southern Baptist variety.
24. Our dog (Buddy) is a dog that my husband had when we married.
25. He got him from his ex-girlfriend's grandparents
26. I KNEW I never liked that dog.
27. I wore braces for 3 years.
28. I have been on a cruise
29. I thought it was okay
30. Don't think I'd ever want to go on one again.
31. I was in the flag/rifle corps in high school...
32. Three words
33. White spandex uniforms.
34. And that's all I'm gonna say about that!!
35. I have been in a few pageants (2 as a child)
36. I think they are silly (but entertaining to watch)
37. I adore fried okra
38. I am the ONLY person in my entire family that will not eat greens (collards or mustard)
39. I think they are disguisting, and Daddy thinks I'm crazy.
40. I grew up in a small town
41. I can do a fine rebel yell (not "Hotty Toddy" fan- High School Mascot!)
42. I can play 2 instruments
43. The piano and the clarinet
44. I am a voracious reader
45. I used to stay up with a flashlight and read books at night after everyone else had gone to bed.
46. I am a neat freak
47. My sister is worse than I am about it (if possible)
47. We get it from my mama
48. My husband is Mr. Messy
49. I have been to Europe (Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France)
50. My parents sent me when I was in college
51. I am forever grateful to them for that
52. I'd love to go back
53. I LOVE to try new recipes
54. I am crazy about children's classic heirloom clothing/smocking and sewing
55. I am currently smocking matching outfits for my children for fall.
56. I dress my kiddos alike alot!! (Especially dressy clothes)
57. My favorite children's store is Strasburg Children
58. My favorite clothing store for myself is Banana Republic
59. I do lots of my shopping online.
60. I have had 2 C-sections
61. My epidural failed both times
62. So... I had both of my children under general anesthesia
63. I was not excited about that
64. But was very thankful to our Lord for blessing us with 2 perfect babies.
65. I love to sing
66. I participate in our music ministry as a member of the praise team/ adult ensemble and as a soloist
67. I thought about majoring in music in college
68. Daddy and Mama were not amused by that
69. Therefore I am a nurse (always wanted to do that anyway)
70. I have sung our national anthem many places
71. It makes me tear up every time
72. I am a soprano
73. I never, ever, EVER leave the house without painted toenails.
74. Don't think my hubby has ever seen my toenails without polish.
75. His favorite color for them to be is RED or Opi's "Cajun Shrimp"
76. My shoe size is a 9
77. My favorite book as a young girl was "A Girl of the Limberlost"
78. Runner up was "Little Women"
79. I visited Louisa May Alcott's Home in Concord, MA and saw the desk where she wrote it.
80. I am about an 8th generation Mississippian
81. I broke my arm in the 2nd grade pretending to be a cheerleader.
82. My recess teacher didn't believe me and wouldn't let me go in.
83. Mama was furious when she was finally notified and my arm was swollen to twice its' size
84. I grew up having 2 precious great-grandmothers that I was close to.
85. I had the most beautiful wedding.. EVER... (Okay, okay, I know, I'm biased~ but it was mighty pretty!)
86. The reception was outside at my parents home. We had an enormous white tent set up by my parent's pool on a beautiful summer evening. Classic live piano music, gorgeous lighting. It was magical.
87. The car my husband and I were in from the church to the reception ran out of gas... a mile from the house.
88. My parent's neighbors were right behind us.
89. They still joke about it.
90. We went to Cozumel, Mexico on our honeymoon.
91. Andy wants to go back.... NOW!
92. Our church building was totally destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
93. But PRAISE GOD... the church is not the building.
94. I would love to have another child
95. We'll just see what the Lord has in store for us in that dept.!!
96. I drive a humongous gas guzzling SUV
97. My husband put his foot down about not getting a minivan. However, I really, really love my big ol' vehicle. The gas prices just don't like US.
98. My favorite scripture of all time is Prov. 3:5-6, close 2nd is Phil 4:13
99. Am currently doing the Bible study "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George- highly recommend it!
100. Can't believe I made it to 100!!
Happy FRIDAY and
Much Love,


Renee said...

Sounds like you have some great memories of growing up! Horses, farms, 4-wheelers, creeks....our dream for our boys!

And your labor experiences...I'm cringing over here for you. Mine have not been all pain free but neither were they C-sections. Ouch!

But I must ask, #41? Are you referring to a MS football team? I'll just have to try to not hold that against you if the case. :)

Mississippi Girl said...

HaHa!! Actually, noooo. The "Rebel" was our high school mascot... therein lies the reason for #41. Everyone in my family are State alums. I went to MC for undergrad, and USM for grad school. No "Hotty Toddy" (haha) here!

Mrs.Clark said...

Hello Jennifer & everyone! I just found out that I'm expecting!!!!! I'm so excited!!! (Smiling Very Big!!) God is wonderful!! Praise him!! Mrs.Clark

Mrs.Clark said...

P.S. it was wonderful to find out all of those things about you! The picture of you and Andrew was so cute!! I hope you and those beautiful babies have a wonderful day and weekend! Love & Prayers, Mrs.Clark

Mississippi Girl said...

Congratulations! Am soooo happy for you!

Zach said...

That was very interesting. I found somethings we have in common:P

27. I wore braces for 3 years.(still not past 1 yr but will get there sooner or later)
37. I adore fried okra
42. I can play 2 instruments

I remember this :)
86. The reception was outside at my parents home. We had an enormous white tent set up by my parent's pool on a beautiful summer evening. Classic live music, gorgeous lighting. It was magical.
87. The car my husband and I were in from the church to the reception ran out of gas... a mile from the house.

Love ya

Mrs.B. said...

That was fun to read Jennifer!

I was curious as to why you didn't enjoy the cruise all that're the first person that I've ever heard say that. Most people rave about them. (o:

Big Mama said...

Loved your list! I am totally with you on the painted toenails, it's a must!

Michelle said...

I always enjoy reading these!!! Thanks for sharing feels like I know ya a little better :o)
Thanks for posting about Joy, we will keep her in our prayers.

Angie said...

I loved reading this. It is so neat when we can get to all know one another just a little bit better! We indeed do have a lot in common! Blessings!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Awwwh! You're a farm girl at heart :) I can relate in so many ways. Well, my toenails are half polished right now cause I'm too lazy to bend over and fix them!!!

Could you teach me to smock??? :)

Mississippi Girl said...

Hi Mrs. B-
I did not enjoy the cruise for several reasons (By the way, not naming names but it was a reputable cruise line we were on!)
1.) It was waaaayyy too crowded, no chairs at the pool, lines for everything, etc.
2.) I did not enjoy sleeping on a bed the size and thickness of an army cot.
3) There was a lot of pitching and rolling of the boat, and it made me sick (I have terrible issues with motion sickness)
4.) One of the ports of call where we stopped was the Bahamas. I thought it was gross. No air conditioning anywhere... even in the "limos"... and I sweated the equivalent of a swimming pool in about an hour. AND it was just dirty.
I'm quite sure that most people DO enjoy them.. I was just one of the few who didn't.
Have a great one!

BooMama said...

Happy 100th post! And I loooove me some fried okra - can't believe you don't like turnip greens! Also, I'm gonna remember the name of that polish color the next time I get a pedicure. :-)

Mrs.B. said...

Thanks for letting me know. I've always wondered if I would like one but I also have terrible issues with motion sickness.

The lines, crowds and army cot sized bed sounds pretty icky too!

Tammy said...

Wow..I loved reading this! You have such a fun sense of humor and I think I could hear your southern accent as I read it! :)

Congratulations! :D

Christine said...

I just found your blog and I've really enjoyed it so far. I understand the experience you had with your decision to stay home. I, too, have a Master's degree and have struggled with whether or not to "use" my education. Our little blessings are most important though and I don't for a minute regret putting them first!