Friday, June 02, 2006

Beautiful dress for a tiny princess

This is a beautiful smocked/handsewn dress that was made from the "Babette" (modified) pattern (by Sarah Howard Stone). My incredibly talented mom did this for our baby girl and smocked the matching bonnet for her (different from the one earlier in the week) and she looks like a doll in it ! It is smocked in an ecru geometric pattern, with tiny pink roses and green leaves. So soft and sweet! I love old-fashioned baby patterns and babies that are dressed like... well... babies (and NOT tiny teenagers). I think this is at the heart of my quest in learning all of this "old-fashioned sewing stuff"! Is it easy? No. Do I have alot of "time" for it? Heavens, no! But I just love the results.... and I adore my own little "old fashioned baby". Click
here and here for my FAVORITE traditional sewing links.
Happy Friday!
Much love,

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Zach said...

I had a lot of fun today. The kids were fun, glad I got to see y'all today. Thanks for the pizza