Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kid's artwork

My little Andrew (2 1/2) loves to color and draw. I mean LOVES it. As in would do it ALL DAY... and.. he always wants his "art" displayed. You know, there's only so much room on the ol' fridge, and mommy is a neat freak who doesn't like lots of clutter there, anyway! So, what to do? One solution that I came up with that Andrew LOVES is putting his art in his room. I bought 2 cheap-o frames at Wal-Mart and put them above his bed in his room (see pictures). We put some of his current drawings in there, and change them out pretty frequently. It looks really cute, makes him SO HAPPY, and keeps my fridge clutter free. Problem solved. Another solution we've come up with for "bigger" projects or coloring book pages is attaching some string underneath a shelf in his room and using clothespins to attach the art projects ( I am currently revising this with a different color string- so no pic, sorry). Have fun decorating with your budding artist's handiwork!
Much love,

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