Friday, June 23, 2006

Me and Katherine McPhee?

AHHHHHHH............!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the 5,123,412,320,454 th time I AM NOT Katherine McPhee!!!!!!!!!! I have been asked in the grocery store, in restaurants, at the salon, on the street, at Wal-Mart, and yes, even on vacation where a little girl came over to me by the pool with her mom to see if I was "really" her... (on vacation at an Alabama beach with a husband and KIDS???) I can't get away from it... it's everywhere I go!!!!! I know they are just regular well-meaning folks... but I want my anonymity back.... and I now know why I would never want to be famous. American Idol is for the birds (and not for the faint of heart). I love my normal, suburban, stay-at-home mom, obscure life. And I appreciate it MUCH more. (For the record, I am really nice to everyone that asks- I just smile and sweetly say- "Why, honey, no, actually I'm not, but thanks for that real sweet compliment!... and give my best smile.) I am a Southerner- it just ain't in me to be rude to nice, God-fearing folks. But seriously. Seriously! It does get old. Especially when I'm out with the babes, and struggling to get groceries, etc. in the car and people have NO manners... I mean, totally no manners... didn't their mamas raise them right?
So, to all who may not know........ my name is Jennifer. Not Katherine. Today was really just the last straw. So pretty, pretty please stop asking me (with sugar on top)???
Sorry- just had to vent my frustration.
Thanks for being such great listeners ya'll...
Much love,


Susan P. said...

Jennifer, this post was tooo funny! It put a smile on my face this Sat. morning! Seriously though, I'm sure it does get old but look at it this way, Katherine M. is so beautiful and they think you look just like her:) What would really be terrible is if they mistook you for Taylor Hicks!LOL Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer! Aha, I will try to remember your name (I can't spell Mississippi without keep checking).

This post is so funny, and you are much prettier than she is, and she is pretty!Blessings. :o)

Zach said...

I've been told that I look like Kevin off American Idol, but not like that. Thats funny!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Could you sing your favorite song for us???

BWAHAHAHAHAAAA I couldn't resist. You really do look like her, but she's gorgeous and so are you, so that is a good thing. At least they're not mistaking you with Joan Rivers or something like that :)

This was a cute got humor girl! :)

Mississippi Girl said...

Thanks to all of you... I feel "much better" now after getting that off my chest!!

Karma said...

Wow you could be a lookalike!

Noticed I got some traffic through this site?

See you have little tikes too ;0)


Mrs. Wilt said...

I have always thought you looked like a brunette Reese Witherspoon. :o)

Susan P.,
LOL About the Taylor Hicks comment! Too funny!

Actually, point of interest...Chris Daughtry (who made it to the near end of Idol) lives about 5 minutes from my house where I grew up! There were signs EVERYWHERE when I went home to visit my parents. LOL Ahhhhh...pop culture...;o)

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Mrs. Wilt...then you grew up right around the corner of where I am in NC :)

I'm from where Fantasia Barrino is from... :)

Joy said...

Well, at least they don't compare you to someone like Marilyn Manson or Joan Rivers, like Lindsey said!!

I guess that's the price of beauty, girlfriend, and I agree with Mrs. Blythe, you are much prettier than her!!


Mrs.B. said...

Oh and she look so much alike!! I can see why people would think that!

I bet it does get old!

Angie said...

I just popped over and saw this picture of DO look like!
Thanks for the order BTW...I will get right on it tomorrow. It is kinds cool to see the pic of you, I can totally picture you with the pink and brown toile purse.
I am definately gonna bookmark you!

cmhl said...

you do look like her!! how funny..