Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Butterfly Plant

This is my "butterfly plant" that sits in a corner of my front porch. I grew it from a tiny cutting of a plant from my great-grandmother's house a few years ago, and it just goes nuts in the summer. Every winter, this plant will freeze back to nothing but a brown looking root. I was going to throw it away that first winter, but mom promised me that it would come back- and it did- with a vengeance! So, it is the same story with this hardy little plant every summer and winter.... However, I've tried to find out the official name of this plant and no one seems to know. It seems as if no one else calls it a "butterfly plant", or don't know what I'm talking about when I mention it. All I know is that this is what it is called in our family!! What about all of you out there in the blogosphere? Any ideas? If you know, leave me a comment!
Happy Tuesday!
Much love,


Shereen said...

Hi there. I believe your butter plant, or how I call them, butterfly ears, lol, are called caladiums. I went out to my front yard, and I have a whole bunch of them in a reddish pink color, and also like in light green, and I pulled out the little description that comes with it when it buy them, and that was the name on it. I checked online, and I found one that looked like yours. Aren't they the best. And yes, they are hardy. They come back, no matter how bad the weather is.

Shereen said...

Sorry, I was trying to hurry, I meant your butterfly plant, and how I call them, elephant ears. LOL That's what I get for trying to do multiple things at once.

Mrs.B. said...

I've always heard them called 'elephant's ears'. But I don't know much about plants.