Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Sometimes, things that happen in everyday life teach us "bigger lessons" that have lasting impressions. I had one of those moments yesterday. I was doing one of those mundane little tasks (wiping off stovetop) when I turned around quickly in response to my baby's squeals (she was stuck under a barstool!) and ....*sigh* I broke my Gail Pittman (Mississippi artist) spoonrest (one of my favorite things :-( .... ). Aren't ya'll just LOVING all the parentheses I'm using ;-)... Anyway. As soon as it broke, and baby girl was "freed" she came crawling over at the speed of light to "inspect", of course. And of course I didn't want her anywhere near the mess I'd made, for I knew she'd be hurt or injured by the broken pottery on the floor. I had to have big brother "hold" her away from the scene of the crime, and she didn't understand. Not at all. My almost 12 month old looked at me with arms outstretched, tears in her sweet little eyes and screamed.... and screamed... and screamed. Because she didn't understand. Because she didn't see the danger. Because she didn't know that being "let go" would hurt her, wound her, cause her to feel pain. All she knew was that she saw where she wanted to go, and couldn't get there, and didn't understand why mommy was "holding her back". Little did she know I was saving her from hurt. Suddenly, in that moment, I thought of our Heavenly Father. How many times have we been "held back" by him? We've seen things we wanted to do, "directions" that WE wanted to go, and yet we were restrained, or held back from these things... by circumstance, others, or a myraid of reasons. We didn't understand WHY at the time, and we still may not know the answer. But HE does. The answer is always that it is for our good. Even though we may not "see" it... (just like my baby daughter didn't understand yesterday... everything "looked" OK to her... ) now or ten years from now, we can rest assured that it is for our good. No matter how crazy or hard or ridiculous it seems at the time. His love for us is even greater than the love we have for our children (hard to imagine), and he only wants what is best for his children. Always. Without exception. And many times we can look back over our lives, and see his hand in so many situations. And we praise him now, even though we didn't in that moment. Thank you Father for your eternal love and watchcare over those that belong to you.
Happy Wednesday and
Much Love,


Susan P. said...

Jennifer, I love your blog! Your post today really spoke to my heart. Thanks for the words of wisdom, they are so true.
Susan P.

Mrs.B. said...

Wow Jennifer! Spectacular post! You are so right.

Shereen said...

Isn't it wonderful how the Lord uses little things that happen with our children or our home to teach us such invaluable lessons? Thank you so much for sharing. Great post.