Sunday, June 25, 2006

What would mama say??

I have seen it all. I have truly seen IT ALL after today. After church, we had to run by the grocery store for a few things... I was making a special dessert for tonight and I sent my hubby into the trenches to get my supplies ... Anyway, I digress... As I sat outside in the vehicle waiting for him, the babes fell asleep, and I commenced doing one of my favorite activites.. people watchin'. And after a few minutes, I saw her. I saw HER. This woman (can't even begin to call her a lady!)... she was walking in the grocery store IN HER BATHING SUIT AND NOTHING ELSE... I'm talking 'bout NO shoes, NO shirt, NO coverup.. no NUTHIN'. I stared at her, mouth agape with sort of a sick fascination for a few seconds, and then I saw HIM... her husband/boyfriend/S.O ... IN THE SAME CONTITION AS SHE! And let me just tell ya, neither one of them were the picture of fitness or health, if you know what I mean. So here are these 2 very overweight, middle aged people prancing their business in front of everyone into the grocery store, barefoot, in ONLY THEIR BATHING SUITS... and then, horror of horrors, here comes a line of kids following them in IN THE SAME FASHION AS MAMA AND DADDY. Yes folks. I am describing a line of half naked individuals struttin' into the grocery store on a Sunday, and no one else even did a double take. They must've passed 10 or more individuals walking into the store, and NO ONE seemed bothered by this attire. NO ONE! What has happened to our society? Have we acutally gotten to this point? What has happened to modesty, decency, and taking a little pride in the way you present yourself? Are neatness and cleanliness to be found anymore? Why is everyone so SLOTHFUL in the way they dress? Does anyone even care anymore? Would we have ever seen (or tolerted) this even 30 or 40 years ago? What happened to "no shoes, no shirt, no service?", Does it even exist?
...... As they walked into the store, and I scraped my chin up off the floor, one thought kept running through my mind ... "What in the world would my mama say???"... I can't wait to go call her.


Susan P. said...

How true, how true! This is why I love all the posts that Mrs Catherine and Mrs. Wilt are doing on dressing in a more moderate and feminine way. I think the saddest statement you made was the nobody even noticed their attire. It just shows what we accept as a society now. How sad.

Mrs. Wilt said...

Goodness gracious!

I can tell you what MY mama would say- any good Southern girl wouldn't be caught dead in public half-attired! LOL

It's so great to be blog-friends with another gal from the South. Great post, Jennifer! :o)

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

Mrs. Linebarger said...

This California born and bred gal lives with this all the time!! Everywhere I go there are barely dressed people in sight. Even though I've seen it for at least the last twenty years here, it still saddens me. It's so wonderful knowing there are still kindred hearts around the country who find this behavior appalling.

Mississippi Girl said...

Ladies- I am sooo glad that I am not alone in thinking that this shocking!
Mrs. Wilt- That's about what my mama said, too, when I told her!!
We need more "ladies" out there to set the example!!

Kelli said...

Hello, I just found your blog through Mrs. Wllt's and have enjoyed reading through your archives. You have a beautiful family and I look foward to visiting again!

My children went to Vacation Bible School this past week and on Friday they had a little show for the parents to show them the songs they had learned, etc. Well, everyone had played with water balloons that morning and these two teenage boys decided it was ok to not put their shirts back on, *in the church sanctuary*, while helping out with the children!!! I was shocked and disgusted and still am when I think about it, especially since at least one of the boys' mama was in the service watching it all!! UGH!!


Mississippi Girl said...

Oh Kelli- I agree with you! UGH is definitely the word for that! What in the world? I only know that my own children will be taught modesty and decency from a young age!

BooMama said...

Now I'm gonna tell you what. There is just no reason - no reason at all - to go to the grocery store half-naked. That's just unseemly. :-)

And my mama, by the way, would be MORTIFIED.

By the way, I was tickled to see that a Mississippi girl had commented on my husband and I are both from MS - went to State - hope telling you that doesn't alienate you. :-) But my mama went to USM and my brother went to Ole Miss, so I bet somehow we can find some common college ground. :-)