Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Mississippi

Anyone who knows me well at all know how much I love where I live. My family (and my husband's ) have lived here for generations. I love our great state, her people and her history. And... I love this short little "speech" touting many of its' attributes. It was written by my high school history teacher specifically for me to use for a pageant I was partcipating in while in college. I ran across it again the other day while cleaning out, and decided to post it. Without further adieu, here it is.... enjoy.
"Mississippi Magic"
Mississippi is a place, Mississippi is a people. But most of all, Mississippi is a spirit.
It is a land of enchantment that casts a spell over visitors and natives, both young and old.
Its' scenic bayous, sandy beaches, and untouched small towns are the stuff of which dreams
are made, as well as Hollywood movies. In this one state beats the heart of the Mighty
Mississippi River as it carries steamboats and barges to the Gulf Stream waters.
Wherever I plant my feet in this great state, I can feel the magic of our enchanted land. Standing on the battlefields of Vicksburg with my eyes closed, I can feel the tragedy and
heartbreak of a time best remembered only in history books. As I follow the Natchez trace, I can hear the drums of our American natives as they followed a trail of tears from their land
of magic... only these people know why the the Pascagoula sings, or the Nanawoyhaa reaches to
the sky.
Only in Mississippi does music float thru the air with Elvis' rock and roll, Jimmy Rodgers' yodel and the throaty blues of B.B. King. The books and poetry of Mississippi writers tell of a people and place filled with magic. Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner and
John Grisham have captured the essence of Mississippi enchantment.
The smell of cape jasmine and honeysuckle, the winds off the still waters and the creak of the old porch swing will always keep the magic in Mississippi.


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

You know what I love? How us Southern Girls, born and bred, cherish where we live. I've not met many (if any) who "hate" living in the south.

Mississippi is a beautiful place.

I love NC so much because we have country, city, mountains and beaches all in the same place. It is wonderful! :)

Zach said...

Thats true, I love it here it's so beautiful here.

I can't belive Andrew did that to the counter!! Gotta love him!

John Russell said...

Who wrote this for you Mrs. Sellers? Let me know b/c I want to repost it in my blog.

Mississippi Girl said...

Hey JR- yeah- It was Mrs. Sellers, can't remember, but I think maybe Lori helped her, too?? (mama might remember), but Mrs. S. for sure.