Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A man and his truck(s)

Little Andrew had a blast outside yesterday evening with his "new" trucks... "new" trucks that were actually daddy's "old" trucks. While visiting the in-laws this weekend, my hubby crawled up into the attic and discovered all of this old trucks and "John Deere tractors"... I think that he was just as excited about them as our little man. Nice to know that the little boy inside never really grows up... Much Love, Jennifer


Shereen said...

Those trucks and tractors look so cool. I wish I could sit down and play with him. Those are pretty pricey now a days. I'm so happy he was able to enjoy them after all these years. How precious.

John Russell said...

That is cute. I'm glad yall are raising him to be a "John Deere man"!