Thursday, June 08, 2006

Drawer Liners

I absolutely LOVE pretty, scented, feminine drawer liners... you know the kind that make your clothes have the slightest, sweetest, freshest scent? yeah, those! I have my dresser drawers lined with Crabtree and Evelyn's "Spring Rain" liners, and I love it every time I open the drawers. Even my hubby likes the scent! They have several other fragrances, and I highly reccommend any one of them. Clickhere to check it out for yourself and explore their wonderful website- one of my favorites! They can be a little pricey, but another option is to line your drawers with pretty, feminine, flowered liner from Wal-Mart, and lightly spray your favorite scent (let it air out for awhile) and place your items back in the drawers... Heavenly!
Above is a picture of one of my dresser drawers with the Spring Rain liner.
Happy lining!
Much Love,

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Mrs. Wilt said...

Oh,oh,oh...Spring Rain! I had those liners in my drawers in my dresser drawers when I was a teenager. My mom purchased a bottle of Spring Rain perfume for me at Crabtree and Evelyn for Christmas. I took one whiff and immediately all of these memories from high school came flooding back! I adore that smell- so light, powdery, and spring-y. I'll have to go upstairs right now and smell my perfume! LOL :o)

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt