Friday, June 16, 2006

A very happy UN-birthday

Today was un-birthday day at our house. I am in major de-cluttering mode, and since baby girl's 1st birthday party is soon, I decided to de-clutter the "birthday stuff"... you know, leftover plates, party favors, bags, blowers, hats.... Well, little Andrew was my main helper (the baby princess was napping) and he got SO EXCITED about all this leftover junk... So mommy decided to have him an un-birthday party (His isn't till end of August). We've eaten on Pooh bear plates, he's wearing one of Anna Kate's new 1st birthday girl hats, has a Pooh bear blower and a treat bag made from a hodgepodge of bubbles, leftover crayon packs, Bob the Builder stickers and shiny notepads... and he is Thrilled!! We even sang Happy Birthday and let him blow out a stray candle I found in the bottom of the drawer (we put it in his muffin!).... and he wasn't satisfied until I put on one of THOSE hats (you know... the CONE HAT- yeah, that one) *Sigh* so... now I'm walking around with the elastic under my chin cutting off my circulation... but the smile on my little buddy's face is priceless... and totally worth it! So, go de-clutter and have an un-birthday party for yourself- your little ones will love it, and I promise it will be fun for you, too~ Now we're off to the craft store to get supplies to make Daddy something special for Father's Day...( I'll let ya know how it turns out) and work on our memory verse of the day (Prov 3:5-6) ... This is something new I'm trying.....Have a great one ya'll!
Happy Friday AND Happy
Much Love,


Shereen said...

LOL I can picture you with the little hat on. No matter how silly it is, it really does bind the hearts of our children to ours. It's something he will probably remembe for a while. How cute ;0)

Mississippi Girl said...

Thanks, Shereen- I'm sure he probably WILL remember how crazy mommy looked in that hat for a good long while!!!

Mrs.B. said...

What a wonderful thing for you to do! You just went with the moment and look at the fun and memories you created for your little man!

Good for you! (o: